YMMV / Black

  • Anti-Climax Boss: Subverted - Lennox's death happens so suddenly at the end of the game that it looks practically like an offscreen death. This is deliberate, because Lennox isn't really dead - the whole game was just a cover so that the US could go after the real Lennox in secret, using the events of the game as cover.
  • Awesome Music: The soundtrack in general, courtesy of Michael Giacchino and Chris Tilton.
  • It's Short, So It Sucks: A common complaint about the game. Despite the levels being rather long, with the last one taking a full hour to complete if you're very good at the game, playtime doesn't amount to more than seven hours on average.
  • Most Wonderful Sound: All the gunshots, as per the "Symphony of Gunfire" sound design.
  • Narm: The in-mission dialogue is filled with dead serious, curse-laden military talk only barely related to the situation going on. It's so at odds with the over-the-top Hollywood gunplay that it comes off as more hilarious than hardcore, and might cause one to think it's a Stealth Parody because of how nonsensical it can get.
  • Play the Game, Skip the Story: For a good number of players, the level intro cutscenes are nothing but an un-skippable annoyance at first, and a skippable annoyance in later runs. These cutscenes are the part of the game that contains the thickest part of the plot, the levels contain only barely-relatable "commando chatter" between the characters as the player moves on to mow down mooks by the dozen to Visual Effects of Awesome, and can be ignored to no detriment.
  • Rated M for Money: Zig zagged - the violence in the game is as intense as that of any other FPS, there's a considerable amount of swearing, the protagonist is shown committing an act of torture and constantly smoking, but, bizarrely, there's no blood or gore in the game.