YMMV / Bimbos of the Death Sun

  • Crowning Moment of Funny: The Star Trek Cosplay wedding in Bimbos. Jay whispers to Marion "Will the groom be going where no man has gone before?", and they have to spend the rest of the wedding pretending they're crying.
  • Deleted Scene: In Bimbos, Dungannon's publisher reveals that at the end of each book, he would write a chapter or two where Tratyn Runewind is killed and/or humiliated, in order to vent his frustrations about being chained to the series; these chapters would always be removed before the book saw print. However, a psycho fan broke into Dungannon's room and found the chapter without realizing the context, which led to the murder.
  • Moral Event Horizon: In their youth, several of the Lanthanides raped a female friend when she was drunk and passed out; applies In-Universe as well, since the narration notes that Marion's tone of voice is a lot less respectful after The Reveal.
  • Values Dissonance: When Bimbos was first published in 1988, SF/fantasy, gaming, computers, and fandom in general were still extremely niche activities. It shows in the general attitudes of the non-fan characters (and perhaps even in the writer's).
    • Marion actually gets a mental monologue where she reflects on her own Values Dissonance, how in college she had the "Fans are Slans" mentality that non-geeks weren't "real people", and how she realized how disturbing and selfish that attitude is once she grew out of her outsider phase.