YMMV / Billy Bat

  • Anvilicious
    • Diane, the black bride's mixed-race wedding is broken up by her white groom's family while pro- and anti-segregation rallies clog the streets of New York.
    • Their little adventure in the south is equally so.
      • The latter, tough, has a different take in the aesop even if racism is bad, it doesnt mean all racists are bad people.
    • Either that or Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped, either way, some anvils were involved.
  • Fridge Logic - Shouldn't the "Billy Bat" comics be read left-to-right?
    • They are in the story. Compare pages 3 and 4 in chapter 33.
  • Nightmare Fuel - When Kevin and the Momochis reach Koumori village the place has gone insane. The villagers have been digging up holes in the middle of the night, and the sight of dozens of mud-covered locals crawling out of the holes and shambling toward their car is capped off by finding Henry Charles Devieve strung up.
  • Tear Jerker / and Crowning Moment of Heartwarming - The story of the bride, groom, and taxi driver. (sniff) Even the Narmy abrupt transition to the ninja story arc can't damp its impact.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome - The "Gazura" movie is so amazing even the US government is impressed.