YMMV / Before Crisis

  • Complete Monster: In this prequel, Fuhito is a scientist for the original AVALANCHE. Fuhito, who idolized the aforementioned Hojo, found a way to copy part of Shinra's SOLDIER program, which he uses to create his own variants; this degrades the mind of the victim, and turns said victim into a monster. He takes two of the SOLDIERs Zack later remembers and turns them into abominations on par with Hojo's aberrations. He later finds an ancient Ultimate Summon that has been broken long, long ago. He builds on Hojo's having implanted a piece in an innocent girl, transforming her into a weapon to be AVALANCHE's spearhead against Shinra, while the piece starts sucking out her life to rebuild itself. He establishes a firm powerbase to release the Summon, which would burn the entirety of the world. In the end, he winds up taking it all and merging with it.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: When Cait Sith is introduced he's easily damaged and is nearly useless in a fight. Reeve is frustrated but later has an idea to improve Cait Sith's fighting capabilities. Consider how useful he was in Final Fantasy VII - that was after Reeve upgraded him!
  • Magnificent Bastard: Rufus. He's the one controlling AVALANCHE for most of the game in order to discredit his father and make Shinra look bad, and many of AVALANCHE's attacks, such as sabotaging the rocket into space, are done to further that goal. Why? So he can take over Shinra. And he's a Karma Houdini to boot, since the President can't admit that the Vice-President and his own son were scheming with his enemies right under his nose.