YMMV / Beautiful Destroyer Sailor Moon

  • Anti-Villain: Jadeite, who cares about his youma, does the work of dead youma instead of demanding extra work from the living ones, never steals enough life energy to do permanent damage to his victims, and is willing to defect to avoid losing any more youma. This fits especially well in comparison to Zoisite who doesn't even know his youma's names and collects energy by killing people.
  • Les Yay: Usagi and Naru get into a bit of this in Chapter 4.
    • Les Yay nothing, Usagi and Naru have sex with each other in Chapter 5.
      • Let's be honest, all the Senshi have homoerotic subtext with each other and Naru, and it eventually stops being subtext and just plain text.
  • One of Us: In the same fashion as Ranma and Akane in TKTASI. To wit -
    • Ami Mizuno is an Otaku. She was seen attending the Eva marathon in TKTASI. In fact, Word of God states that this cameo was what began the discussion that led to this fic being created.
    • Mamoru Chiba bought figures of Nanoha and Fate.
    • As for Usagi herself, she's a fan of the 30 year old Kamen Raider Toku series, and takes themes of the series by heart when fighting as Sailor Moon.