YMMV / Baby Daddy

  • Actor Shipping: Chelsea Kane and Derek Theler, probably tying into Fan-Preferred Couple below. It doesn't help matters that the entire cast have become incredibly close-knit, with Kane and Theler being especially cozy.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple:
    • Riley/Danny seems to be this for the fandom so far. Part of it seems to be that unlike most characters similar to Danny (tall, handsome, super successful), he's actually a really down to earth character who clearly loves and prioritizes his friends and family over the visages of wealth. For reference, the lowest salary of a pro-hockey player is about half a million dollars so Danny doesn't need to live with his brother because of money issues. Not to mention that the backstory reveals he liked Riley even when she was 'Fat Pants'.
    • Others just want Riley to pick one brother and stop switching between them. As of season five, it looks like she has finally made up her mind.
  • Hollywood Pudgy:
    • Played straight with young Riley, who looks around average to slightly overweight, but is described as massive, to the point of being obese.
    • Averted with Mrs. Wheeler who is very pretty and fairly normal-sized and is very successful with attractive men.
  • One True Pairing: The show seems conflicted as to whether it's Riley and Ben or Riley and Danny. Considering this is ostensibly a sitcom, the drama ratio is pretty high.
    • As of season five, Riley and Danny are together and pre-engaged.