Heartwarming / Baby Daddy

  • After Ben can't find Emma at first and has a meltdown, he and his mother, Bonnie, are both in tears, and she informs him that he is now a parent.
  • Emma wearing Danny's lucky jersey and becoming his new good luck charm.
  • In episode 6, no one is having any luck getting Emma to eat, and most end up with a face full of green goo for their troubles. Until Ben tries, and Emma eats with no problem. Riley said it best, "Mystery solved; she's a daddy's girl."
  • Riley helping Danny get over his stage fright.
  • Danny, after being upset over Bonnie dating his coach, stands up for her after his coach says that she's not his type.
  • Ben's speech to Kayla about why he can't give up Lamby to her, and Riley's subsequent look of approval.
  • Danny rushing to be Riley's date when he learns that Ben can't make it.
    Danny to Riley: I couldn't just leave you here alone.
  • Ben going the extra mile to be a good friend to Riley when she fails the bar for the third time, going so far as to make her an "exam kit," complete with "you're awesome" index cards.
  • Danny giving Ben a What the Hell, Hero? beat down/speech in both the past and present for tormenting Riley on her birthday.
  • Brad's flash mob proposal to Bonnie in season 4. She says yes.
  • The group's - especially Danny's reaction to learning Riley's pregnant in the fifth season finale.