YMMV / Azrael

  • Fan Nickname: Let's see here...
    • There's "Az."
    • A lot of people refer to Jean-Paul Valley as Batman as "AzBats."
  • Narm: Jean-Paul Valley's solo series begins with him hallucinating a pitiful homeless man feebly asking if he could have his shoes as a demonic Batman howling at him to "GIVE ME YOUR SHOES!"
  • The Woobie: Michael Lane, in spades, and he may even be an Iron Woobie. Jean-Paul Valley too, though to a lesser extent.
    • Still, both of these guys are definitely worthy of at least honorary woobie-hood. Lane's whole family was killed in horrible ways thanks to a Deus Angst Machina, and he did absolutely nothing to deserve it. And Jean-Paul; Any and all of his mental problems largely revolved around the need for a father figure, or any kind of family. If anything, Jean-Paul's shattered mental state is due to nothing short of neglect.