YMMV / Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky

  • Awesome Music: Sky of Twilight
  • Broken Base: The anime, for including Fanservice in the first Fanservice-free game since Atelier Annie, limiting Logy and the other male characters' importance to the plot (Micie, a playable character, doesn't even appear in the opening) to shed more spotlight on the girls, and the bad animation and art in comparison to the original game's gorgeous art and character designs.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Solle, as a new, non-returning character from Ayesha, was placed the highest after Logy and Escha in the official popularity poll. Thanks to his popularity, he plays a larger role in the next game and is even Promoted to Playable in the Plus remake (through DLC in the original PS3 version).
  • Even Better Sequel: At least according to the review circuit. In Japan, it's the highest-reviewed Atelier game ever made. Period. It was similarly the entry with the highest aggregate rating on Metacritic, and still has the second highest by a difference of one pointnote , and brought in the first perfect score the franchise has ever seen on that aggregator. And as ever, while the actual average may seem a little on the low end, it's due to the ever-present problem of some critics just not understanding the game - the high scores stand among the very highest the franchise has ever, ever seen outside of Japan.
    • Funnily enough, though, among fans this status is a little more debated - some fans take issue with a few elements (like Logy's central position to the plot), as outlined on the main page and think somewhat better of Meruru or Ayesha.
  • Game-Breaker:
    • Having the homunculi clone a Purple Crystal with multiple traits that increase its selling point at shops makes it very easy to rack up massive amounts of the game's currency, Cole. Not only that, but you can use this money to buy benefits that directly increase your stats and alchemy abilities, as well as other benefits. Additionally, any money you have at the end of the game will carry to a New Game Plus, meaning that you can start getting great benefits right away.
    • For that matter, New Game Plus is pretty much just easy street if you some time crafting the best equipment, or even semi-decent stuff. You keep everything you have equipped to your character in terms of weapons, armor and accessories and can buy back synthesized items you had equipped about halfway through. This allows you pretty much just rout any enemies you come across for most of the game.
    • If you synthesize an Elixir or Elixir Base with the properties "Perpetual Motion" note  and "50% Automatic" note , it becomes nearly impossible for you to lose: whenever your health gets anywhere near low, the Elixir will automatically activate and heal everyone to nearly full health.
    • Escha's ultimate attack item, the Knowledge Book, when used in a Double Draw with the proper build, can inflict over a million damage, more than enough to inflict a One-Hit KO to any enemy in the game including the Final Boss and Bonus Bosses. Even if you don't take the effort to craft the exact equipment and properties needed to reach that amount of damage, it can deal insane amounts of damage if you give it just decent properties.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: The theme for the world map has a bass line that almost matches that of slow introduction part of Yes' Heart of the Sunrise