YMMV / Astro Boy: Omega Factor

  • Adaptation Displacement: While most of the Tezuka characters who show up here did make earlier stateside debuts in one form or another (even if only as extras in other Astroboy productions), for a time this was what all of them (with the possible exception of Black Jack, whose OAV series enjoyed modest success in the West during the late 90s/early 00s anime boom) were best known for in the English-speaking world, though Vertical Inc.'s recent blitz of high quality Tezuka manga translations has done a lot to change that.
  • Cult Classic
  • Fridge Brilliance: The Final Boss music is titled "World's Strongest Robot". This both refers to Pluto, as he's the leader of the "World's Strongest Robots"; and Garon, who the Character List refers to as "the most powerful super robot sent to Earth".
  • No Problem with Licensed Games: Easily one of the greatest licensed games ever made.
  • Tear Jerker: The death of Dr. Tenma's son, Tobio; And him grieving for his son as he creates Astro in his image. And this is the first scene in the game.
    • The first ending of the game, where Death Mask arrives and destroys all robots on Earth, including Astro; leaving behind a world completely ravaged by years of war between humans and robots. Don't worry though, it's not over yet...
    • The story of Daichi and Prime Rose. Which becomes even more so when you learn later that the two of them aren't actually gone.
    • Drake himself is truly a tragic villain, having been pushed over the edge entirely by the belief that his daughter was kidnapped and killed by a robot, leading to his hatred of robots with him vowing to do everything in his power to avenge her death.
  • That One Boss:
    • North in Hard Mode, mostly because his first phase basically forces you to waste all three of your Supers.
    • Atlas, when fighting him with Dr. Black Jack at the bottom of the map, which leaves you with less space to fight him.
    • The jousting duel with Blue Knight, which requires landing a few hits while being a One-Hit-Point Wonder regardless of your life level. Part of this is due to being a Guide Dang It!, and another part is due to having to replay a lot of the level if you die.
  • The Untwist: Blue Knight being President Rag. The gratuitous flashback makes it screamingly obvious.