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!!The Book:
* AlternativeCharacterInterpretation: As a Faulkner book full of the UnreliableNarrator trope, this is to be expected. For example...
** Is Dewey Dell actually pregnant? As Dewey Dell is immature and ignored by most around her, she has a certain lack of common sense. Even at the time of the novel, it would be common for a girl to miss her period and mistake it for pregnancy, due to poor nutritional standards. Dewey Dell has also grown up poor on a farm. Indeed, Dewey Dell has shown no symptoms of pregnancy in the text, such as morning sickness or her stomach growing.
** Jewel is either the outsider of the family due to being a JerkWithAHeartOfGold, or a SpoiledBrat and a Jerkass because he knows that his father is not Anse.
** Darl either has good morals or he is a Jerkass who doesn't own up to his mistakes.
** Anse is either a good father or a lazy bum who uses religion to justify not having to work.
** Anse either treats Jewel bad because he won't conform to him or because he knows Jewel's status as a HeroicBastard and a symbol of Addie's affair.
* SugarWiki/FunnyMoments: The pharmacy owner hitting on an oblivious Dewey Dell is definitely this... until he [[spoiler: rapes her.]]
%%* IronWoobie: Cash.
%%* JerkassWoobie: Darl and Jewel.
* MemeticMutation: My mother is a fish.
* {{Squick}}: Where do you start? [[spoiler: Vardaman drills a hole through his mother's corpse's face. Said corpse grows progressively more rotten, as does Cash's poorly-treated broken leg.]]
%%* TheWoobie: Dewey Dell.
!!The Metalcore band:
%%* FaceOfTheBand: Tim Lambesis
* GrowingTheBeard: The songs in ''An Ocean Between Us'' have gotten more impressive on a technical and melodic level.
* SignatureSong: "Forever", "Nothing Left[=/=]The Sound of Truth", "Confined", or "Parallels".
* WhatAnIdiot: Lambesis hiring what he thought was an ordinary hitman ended up being an undercover cop.