YMMV / Amusement

  • Complete Monster: The nameless killer, otherwise known as the Laugh, is a mentally disturbed psychopath with a sadistic love for murder. As a boy, the Laugh vivisected a rat before showing it off to Shelby Leds, Tabitha Wright, and Lisa Swan. When the girls express disgust at this, the Laugh's ego was so bruised, the moment he left the mental institution years later, he began to formulate his revenge. Posing as a harmless bystander, the Laugh kills a driver and kidnaps his daughter and Shelby. After murdering Shelby's boyfriend note , the Laugh murders a babysitter. When Tabitha arrives to the house to check on her cousins, the Laugh disguises himself as a clown doll before attempting to murder all three. The Laugh then kidnaps Lisa's roommate, and traps her in a mattress alongside his former victims. Realizing that she was missing, Lisa and her boyfriend go to investigate. After tricking the boyfriend into playing with a music player resulting in his death, the Laugh captures the unsuspecting Lisa. Trapping Tabitha between two glass walls, the Laugh shows her Lisa and Shelby—their abdomens sliced open in a similar fashion to the rat. Revealing that it was an elaborate stunt to mess with Tabitha, the Laugh readies his knife to dissect Shelby for real. When Tabitha manages to free her friends, the Laugh stabs Lisa to death, and he also indirectly kills Shelby by causing both of them to fall off a ladder. A depraved man with a twisted sense of humor, the Laugh views everything around him as one big joke.
  • Long Song, Short Scene: Dillon Dixon Band's hard rock used at the credits.