YMMV / Amea

  • Game-Breaker: Block+Poke=Win everything.
    • Regeneration and Phoenix and freezing armor all maxed out are just unfair to the enemies.
  • Narm: The voice acting and writing are... rather erratic. Fortunately most dialogues can be skipped.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Oh yes. Special mention goes to the prologue, which begins happily but ends with rotted bodies littering a field under a bloodred sky as a towering figure (later revealed to be Mish) groans out Amea's name.
  • Player Punch: Poor Garrick.
  • That One Boss: Valde, whose dodging can get annoying, but after him comes the Master Eye, really big, attacks that can hit you consistently...
    • Unless you read the above and just poke him to death.