YMMV / Alpha Flight

  • Author's Saving Throw: Done in the simplest possible way to remove the revelation that Northstar and Aurora were half-elven: that story came from Loki, and Loki lies.
  • Fanon Discontinuity: Every Alpha Flight story after the original series, save for the brief Omega Flight series, which did its best to undo Bendis's slaughter of the team by way of revealing Sasquatch survived "The Collective" and only stating outright, that the two least liked Alphas (James MacDonald Hudson and Shaman) were dead.
  • Flat Character: Creator John Byrne felt this way about the majority of the team, especially Mac, which is why Guardian was killed so early into his run. The only exception would be Northstar and Aurora and, to a lesser extent, Heather Hudson.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Bizarrely, Alpha Flight has historically been more popular with Americans than Canadians. Even their Canadian creator never liked them much, and has publicly stated he was "'forced' to make Alpha Flight a real series".
    • Probably has something to do with the fact that for whatever reason, Canada has almost always been depicted as unambiguously evil in the Marvel universe.
    • Alternately, Canadians are very used to American media, and so tend to have a very negative opinion of American media portrayals of Canada and Canadian cultures (see Dudley Do-Right). A newcomer to the comic would suspect that, since Marvel is an American company, Alpha Flight would be a continuation of those stereotypes. So, like any stereotype, best to be avoided, and certainly not a good basis for a comic series. It doesn't help that, in a lot of Alpha Flight's guest appearances in other books, all they do is play up those roles (when they're not unexpected antagonists). Plus most Canadians only like jokes about Canada when they themselves tell them.
  • My Real Daddy: As noted above, Bill Mantlo made the characters beyond the flat characters they were originally and gave them depth.
    • Which was the only thing he did, and even then, only with certain characters. He turned Puck into a magical midget whose only two character traits were his unrequited love for Heather and being an unpowered dwarf, had the obese paraplegic Bochs go insane before being killed off, explained away Aurora's SPD as being half-elf, and turned the closet homosexual Northstar into a literal fairy. Oh, and he killed off Snowbird and wrote out Shaman and Talisman along the way before replacing them with a bunch of punk kids. The man removed nearly all hints of diversity and cut out everything that made the book unique, and the constant angst and occasional painful dialogue didn't help. As far as some are concerned, Byrne is still the authoritative voice on Alpha Flight, with most of what Mantlo did — Heather and Jefferie's characterization excepted — being a hackjob.
    • On one hand, Northstar being a literal fairy only happened when Bill Mantlo's original plan for the character was nixed by editorial. On the other hand, his original plan was for Northstar to die of AIDS. Make of that what you will.
  • The Woobie: Poor Marrina. So, so much.
    • Marrina stopped being the woobie in volume four, when Fred Van Lente recast her as no longer giving a fuck about humanity after being brought back to life - complete with a new battle cry of "Die, human scum!". This was widely considered a change for the better.