YMMV / All the King's Men

  • Tear Jerker: The deaths of Adam Stanton and Willie Stark.
  • Values Dissonance: It's a story about the deep south during the Great Depression; what do you expect?
  • The Woobie: Jack, especially in the flashbacks.
    • Jerkass Woobie: Though he's still kind of a jerk.
    • Lucy. Marries her sweetheart and has to keep up a smiling demeanor as he becomes more corrupted and carries on affairs. She's the only voice of reason as to how her son's turning out and wants him to only work on his studies and stay away from politics and football, but Willie insists on him "having some fun" even though Tom nearly killed a girl and got another one pregnant. She ends up becoming estranged from Willie, and is thus unable to stop Tom from his spiral into being just like his father, except cockier. Then her son ends up getting an injury that leaves him paralyzed, she ends up having to take care of him as though he's a baby. Willie dies, then her son dies. At least she ends up being able to take care of Tom's possible child, which brings her satisfaction and happiness.