* {{Anvilicious}}: "Clarence Montgomery," for racism in the 1960s.
* CryForTheDevil: It's hard not to feel for ''some'' of the 63s when you realize how ''brutally'' the prison authorities treated them. Others it's hard, if not impossible, to feel any sympathy for...
* CompleteMonster:
** [[WouldHurtAChild Kit Nelson]] is a SerialKiller [[EvenEvilHasStandards despised by all the other hardened inmates in Alcatraz]]. He murdered his brother when he was an 11-year old boy by strangling him to death. He would later use his brother's death as a motif for all his subsequent murders. His pattern consisted of breaking into a young boy's bedroom at night and abducting the kid at knifepoint by threatening to kill his siblings or parents if he didn't comply, leaving a flower behind in his place. Then he would force them to take part in his late brother's favorite hobbies for a few days, and strangle them to death in a bomb shelter with murderous glee. He drops off the boys' bodies back where he abducted them, their bedrooms.
** Paxton Petty is a MadBomber who plants mines in public places to enjoy watching people get blown apart. During the Korean War he planted mines in the local children's playgrounds to eliminate potential ChildSoldiers, for which he was sent to a military prison. After getting out he starts to plant more mines around San Francisco to kill as many random civilians as possible, including in elementary school yards. He traps Hauser on one of the mines, but modified the bomb such that the bomb disposal professional would inevitably be killed during the dismantling procedure no matter what they did.
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