YMMV / Agent of the Empire

  • Complete Monster: Iaco Stark was once a domineering young pirate who started the Stark Hyperspace War. Always managing to come out on top of every galactic conflict until the days of the Empire, upon reaching old age, Stark fakes his own death and has his head grafted onto a powerful, spider-like droid's body with a plan to unleash what is known as Iron Eclipse. Having his second wife Dah'Liss murdered when she inadvertently tells Imperial Agent Jahan Cross too much, Stark later murders his own son Iaclyn when he shows his half-sister compassion, Stark's first wife having had an affair. Stark then reveals his true motivations: to activate Iron Eclipse and make every droid in the galaxy begin killing their masters until they submit to Stark as the galaxy's new ruler, something that would create a death toll that would eclipse countless other villains.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Jahan is a loyal Imperial agent, but we only get to see him face off against the Corporate Sector and other characters from the galactic fringe. Considering he gets along famously with House Organa, and is on neutral terms with Han & Chewbacca, and he's the Empire's "scalpel", what would he do about the Rebellion and the Galactic Civil War? Especially because his homeworld is Alderaan... though considering the comic never gets close to that point, it's also certainly possible that this was on purpose so that whatever Jahan's reaction to the war is up to the reader's interpretation.