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YMMV: Adrian Mole
  • Adaptation Displacement: Adrian has his origins in a BBC radio play called The Diary of Nigel Mole, Aged 13 1/4. Notably, Nicholas Barnes, who voiced Nigel, went on to play Adrian in the BBC's Audio Adaptations of the books.
  • Funny Moments:
    • My nipples are swollen! I'm turning into a girl!
    • Adrian's account of the school trip to the British Museum.
    • Most of Lo! The Flat Hills of My Homeland. Try to hold back the tears.
    • Adrian's mother's extremely sarcastic letter to her own parents.
  • Heartwarming Moments:
    • At the end of The Prostrate Years, when Adrian resolves that he must beat his prostate cancer and live to see his unborn grandchild grow up.
    • Not to mention Pandora's return, and the implication that after twenty years, they finally get back together.
    • Glenn's diary at the end of The Cappucino Years: "When I grow up I wood like to be my dad." D'aww.
    • Earlier on in the series when Adrian helps raise money for Queenie's funeral.
    • Adrian's mother revealing that his father looked after him as a baby when his mother couldn't cope, especially, since it was The Sixties, it was seen as unmanly.
    • Everyone's reaction to Adrian having prostate cancer. His mum wants to swap places with him, his dad curses 'God', and Daisy even admits that Adrian is too good of a person to have to go through something like that. Over the years Adrian seems unsure of whether his friends and family truly love him, but their reactions here seal the deal; they *do* love him, even if they think he can be annoying at times.
  • Jerkass Woobie:
    • George Mole, whose wife has multiple affairs, and ends up in a wheelchair in The Weapons of Mass Destruction, due to a back injury. One of said affairs also results in the birth of Rosie, who he believes is his child for twenty five years... Until it's revealed (on national television, no less) that Mr. Lucas is her real father. However, he is also a massive chauvinist, and (like most characters in this universe) quite unpleasant.
    • Adrian himself could count.
  • Moment Of Awesome:
    • Saving his sons from their house burning down at the end of The Cappucino Years. The last paragraphs deserve to be quoted as being particularly awesome:
      "I have often wondered how I would stand up against fire, flood and tempest. Would I run in panic and try to save my own life? Until tonight, I suspected I would do just that. But when I woke to the exploding glass and the choking smoke and the sharp flames on the stairs, I found that my own life was unimportant to me. Nothing else mattered apart from removing my sons from danger.
      "I expect that by tomorrow I will have embellished the story and given myself a heroic status I do not deserve, but all the same, on this night at this hour, I am pleased to record that I acquitted myself well."
    • Adrian's letter to Mr Scruton, which causes him to not only have a Villainous Breakdown and retire, but also gets rid of Mr Jones, the P.E. teacher who Adrian also despises. As per usual, Adrian doesn't realise that any of this is his doing.

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