YMMV: Adeptus Evangelion

  • Memetic Mutation- Along with the standard Neon Genesis Evangelion memes, the game has a few of its own.
    • SOL BREACH! Explanation 
    • POSITRON FISTS! Explanation 
    • Tumbling Down Explanation 
    • The Sydney-14 Campaign, one of the few known IRL games of Adeptus Evangelion to be run, has some infamy. The players went out of their way to make their pilots the biggest sociopaths humanly possible, most famously one player taking the drawback Compulsion- Remove People's Eyes. Between holding Earth hostage, turning Geofront into the equivalent of North Korea, and attacking every Angel unprovoked (said Angels at one point were willing to surrender and leave Earth. The debates lead to an angel committing suicide out of frustration), it's also possibly the only example of an evil campaign of AdEva. It got some reference in the [REDACTED] supplement.
  • Nightmare Fuel - There's a good reason why pilots have a record of the Insanity Points they've accumulated. Some Angels are able to attack pilots' minds or even their souls directly, over-synchronizing with an Eva slowly whittles away your ego and eventually causes you to physically dissolve, and you can feel all the damage your Evangelion takes.