YMMV: Action Comics

  • Ensemble Darkhorse — Despite being on the cover, Superman was just one of a number of characters introduced in this book. Nobody really expected much success with him; in fact, Supes had already been rejected by a number of publications, and appeared here only because they really, really needed material. In fact, after the first issue, they kept him off the cover for a number of issues because of the uncertainty of his success. However, by issue 14 it became incontrovertible that Superman was the reason for the immense sales and he was on the cover for good.
  • Strawman Has a Point: From the Silver Age #176 Muscles For Money, where Superman decides to start charging money to save people. While it's certainly true that Superman was doing some reprehensible things (charging insane amounts, forcing people to sign contracts before he'll save their lives, etc) the primary argument seems to be that Superman doesn't deserve any sort of reward for the good he does. The worst part is when Superman politely requests the $10,000 reward for two criminals he brought in only to have everyone declare him a money-grubber for it, despite the fact that this is a reward the police themselves had offered and which anyone else besides Superman would have been given happily.