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YMMV: Achievement Unlocked
  • Critical Research Failure: In the first game, the description for the "Too Much Contra" achievement, obtained from entering the Konami Code, calls it "the level select code from Contra". Putting the Konami Code into Contra gives you thirty lives - it doesn't let you select a level.
  • Ear Worm - Before you complete or give up, the mellow but persistent trumpeting will infect your skull.
    • It only gets better with the piano music in the second game.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: When you are talking to the King Hamster in the third game, the music playing is an instrumental version of "Rainy Day Women #12 and 35" (aka Everybody Must Get Stoned) by Bob Dylan.
  • That One Achievement: Disrespect the dead #3. To get this one, you have to jump on a corpse on the treadmill. Problem is, after you commit suicide to get the corpse, you have all of two seconds to jump on it before it rolls off the treadmill.

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