Headscratchers / Achievement Unlocked

  • If this is an elephant, how the hell can it jump so high?
    • Because it's a flash game.
    • How the hell can it jump at all?
      • Elephants can jump.
      • If this Troper remembers correctly, Rhinoceroses cannot jump.
      • According to this random internet page Elephants can't jump.
      • Elephants, rhinos, hippos, and sloths cannot jump, but this elephant is a lot lighter than usual.
    • In 2D platformers, everybody jumps a couple of times their height as a default.
  • In Achievement Unlocked 2, what are you supposed do when your keyboard simply doesn't have the buttons you're supposed to push? A missing tilde button is all that's between me and victory. Such an annoying oversight in an otherwise amusing game.
    • Just use the on-screen keyboard. That should have a tilde key.
    • I just ran a finger over every single key (on a non-QWERTY keyboard), that worked eventually.