YMMV / A Night in the Lonesome October

  • Genius Bonus: Jack, despite being that Jack, doesn't murder any women during the events leading up to the Halloween ritual. None of the five historically-accepted Ripper victims were killed in October, and the only potential Ripper victim found in October of 1888 (the "Whitehall Mystery") had been dead for weeks before her body was dumped.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Snuff's and Graymalk's encounter on October 2 is actually a pretty good predictor of the Game's outcome. The affinities of both Rastov and Morris & MacCab are demonstrated by whom their familiars attempted to curse, and Snuff and Greymalk swap favors by warning each other about them. Both Snuff and Grey's Odd Couple friendship and the act of swapping things (the wands) will dictate the ceremony's outcome.