Awesome / A Night in the Lonesome October

  • Jack rescuing Snuff from the guys who were just about to vivisect him:
    "I've come for my dog. That's him on the table."
    "No you don't, laddie," said the beefy man. "This is a special job for a special client."
    "I'll be taking him and leaving now."
    The beefy man raised his scalpel and moved around the table.
    "This can do amazing things to a man's face, pretty boy," he said.
    The others picked up scalpels too.
    "I guess you've never met a man as really knows how to cut," the beefy one said, advancing now.
    It was into him, and that funny light came into his eyes, and his hand came out of his pocket and captured starlight traced the runes on the side of his blade.
    "Well met," Jack said then, through the teeth of his grin, and he continued to walk straight ahead.
  • Snuff fighting off the Things while Jack is re-capturing the slitherers is pretty impressive, considering all he has to do it with is teeth.
  • The Count found a pretty effective means of avoiding getting staked, by letting everyone think somebody else had already done so. The Game is won by cunning, not raw power.
  • The Great Detective rescuing the Virgin Sacrifice; and, more impressively, figuring out just what the hell was going on in the first place.
    • Bubo, an ordinary rat, figuring out what the hell was going on and successfully feigning Player status is perhaps even more impressive. He never trained himself to be a detective or to fool people, after all.
  • Snuff roaring in fury and nearly tearing the vicar's throat out after he hits Graymalkin.
  • The Count making his entry:
    Dracula: "I stand with him. To close you out."