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YMMV: A Girl and Her Fed
  • Jerk Sue: The girl is getting close. Lessee: filthy rich, tells everyone to piss off like the author wishes she could, master martial artist, has an unique spirit advisor friend despite being an anonymous loner, helps the Fed get over 5 years of brainwashing, whips a cyborg's arse like an ornery mule, is currently developing empathic/precognitive powers that let her dodge bullets, can fly with the help of the ghosts and has a cool car. If this were a D&D campaign, the DM would be trying to convince her to put some advantages back. The only things stopping her from dominating the story is that she's a) still relatively grounded; b) her Fed is even more overpowered; c) they're alone against the government.
    • d) It's been suggested more than once that Ben's intervention is the only thing that's kept her out of jail for her antics.
    • Averted more recently, when she said she feels she never earned any of her powers except martial arts, and is dialing back on using them and instead becoming a doctor.
  • Stop Helping Me!: Bitty Bush. Played horribly, nightmarishly straight.

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