YMMV / A Different World

  • Anvilicious: Especially after Debbie Allen took over the show in season two.
    • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: On the same token, the show was also praised for tackling issues that its fellow sitcoms (including its own parent show) wouldn't touch.
  • Contractual Purity: Lisa Bonet. She was written out of the show due to her pregnancy. At first, Debbie Allen wanted to include it, but Bill Cosby stated unequivocally that while Lisa Bonet could be pregnant, Denise Huxtable would not be pregnant out of wedlock. Cue her dropping out, moving back home and taking a year off both shows while exploring the jungle.
  • Growing the Beard: Around the time of the show's Re Tool.
  • Hollywood Homely: Averted. The show featured men and women of varying skin tones and looks, yet all were treated as desirable and attractive. Most notably, the dark-skinned, full-figured Kim was openly adored by Freddie's white cousin Matthew and later, Ron.
  • Seasonal Rot: The final season, which became unbearably preachy, brought in a slew of new characters that failed to catch on and derailed the already established ones. Coupled with the loss of its parent show as a lead-in, ratings plummeted until the show was canceled.
  • Strangled by the Red String: Ron's romances with Kim, and later Freddie, both of which came out of nowhere with zero hint of a previous attraction between Ron and either woman. In particular, he and Freddie couldn't stand each other (this was NOT an example of Belligerent Sexual Tension), yet suddenly couldn't keep their hands off each other—at a time when he was involved with Kim!
    • Maybe not out of nowhere. Ron began to realize his attraction to Kim when she began dating Matthew, getting more jealous than either of them expected. Kim didn't dump Matthew for Ron either. That relationship had to dissolve on its' own. As for Freddie, when they were stuck at the radio station during the hurricane, their walls came down long enough for them to find common ground, even sharing a kiss. This was almost a full season before they start messing around, and about six episodes before Ron and Kim even get serious.
  • Unintentionally Sympathetic: Romantic False Lead Kinu. The viewer is supposed to hate her as she's an obstacle to Dwayne and Whitley getting together, and she does in fact get nastier as time goes on. But who can blame her with her boyfriend blatantly ogling and drooling over another woman who's constantly hanging around and trying to interfere in their relationship? As bitchy as she gets, she never says or does anything to harm Whitley, she just wants her to leave them alone.