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''The Curse of the Were-Rabbit'' is the first (and, to date, only) feature-length animated film featuring Franchise/WallaceAndGromit. It was the second co-production between Creator/DreamWorksAnimation and Creator/AardmanAnimations, as well as being Aardman's second full-length feature film, after ''WesternAnimation/ChickenRun''.

Due to a rabbit pest problem in the town around the time of the annual vegetable competition at Tottington Hall, the duo decide to go from window washers to humane (but efficient) pest control officers. After solving an enormous pest problem for wealthy vegetable competition host Lady Tottington (who is being courted by GoldDigger in plain sight Victor Quartermaine), Wallace develops a crush on the lady, having dumped Wendolene due to her hatred of cheese. But the joy in the city turns sour when an enormous rabbit starts devouring all the townspeople's vegetables. The local vicar claims it's a were-rabbit. The townspeople dismiss this idea, and Lady Tottington chooses Wallace and Gromit's humane capture methods over Victor's suggestion to shoot the monster. The duo set to capture the beast before the contest...but it isn't long before Gromit realizes that the Vicar's claim may be all too real....

This received a LicensedGame adaptation and is noted as being, possibly, the only horror film in existence to feature a vegetarian monster.[[note]]Well OK, there's ''Film/Troll2'' as well, but we don't like to talk about that one apart from [[MemeticMutation the memes]].[[/note]]

Released in 2005, it won not only the UsefulNotes/AcademyAward for "Best Animated Feature", but also the British Academy Film Awards' "Best British Film", the British Comedy Awards' "Best Comedy Film", and the HugoAward for "Best Dramatic Presentation - Long Form", among many others.

!!This film provides examples of:

* AbsentMindedProfessor: Wallace as usual.
* AccidentalPublicConfession: "The beast isn't actually dead yet!?!"
* AffectionateParody: The film is one big lighthearted homage to classic horror movies.
* AsideGlance: Gromit. All the time.
* AttackAttackRetreatRetreat: On hearing that their vegetables will be used as bait to attract the Were-Rabbit, Mrs. Mulch flees with her Pumpkin, whilst the townsfolk yell at her "Come back! Come back!". The Were-Rabbit then approaches, prompting her to about turn. Cue villagers now yelling "Go away! Go away!"
* AttackOfTheTownFestival: The vegetable festival. Since the eponymous creature is a giant ''rabbit'', it's ''only'' the focus of the festival that will attract it, and the people are in no real danger. The festival is SeriousBusiness, though.
* BackgroundHalo: Lady Tottington gets one, along with a set of background ''wings'', when she advocates trapping the Were-Rabbit humanely. Lord Victor Quartermaine, who wants to just shoot it, gets a pair of background horns.
* BaitAndSwitch: At first the movie cleverly fools you into thinking that Hutch is the Were-Rabbit, but as it turns out [[spoiler: Hutch is simply a Were-Wallace. The real Were-Rabbit was Wallace.]]
* BeleagueredAssistant: Gromit.
* BigDamnMovie
* BigNo:
** Victor yells this in frustration when Gromit [[spoiler:uses his plane to take the bullet meant for Were-Rabbit Wallace]].
** Before that, when [[spoiler:Were-Rabbit Wallace just broke off the pipe he's climbing from, sending him tumbling down to the cotton candy machine.]]
* BigOlUnibrow: Gromit never speaks, so this is the only way you know what he's feeling. It's really incredible, the emotion you can wring out of an artfully-squashed bit of plasticine...
* BunglingInventor: Wallace, natch.
* TheCameo: There's two portraits of directors Nick Park and Steve Box (blink and you'll miss it) in the parsonage before the door slams shut.
* ChekhovsBoomerang: the "female rabbit". First Wallace and Gromit attempt to catch the were-rabbit with it, and then Gromit leads the were-rabbit away from Victor with it. Finally, Gromit dresses Victor in it to decoy the mob.
* CivilizedAnimal: Gromit is usually depicted as walking upright, and is capable of creating and operating complex machinery. Generally he's shown to be ''significantly'' more shrewd and sensible than his master. However, despite all of this, everyone treats him the same as you treat ''any'' dog.
* ContinuityNod:
** In the montage of portraits in the beginning, orange rockets resembling the one seen in ''WesternAnimation/AGrandDayOut'' appear on the wall.
** Every single phrase [[spoiler:Hutch in "Were-Wallace" mode]] spouts is, if it's not from earlier in this movie, a quote from previous entries.
** When Wallace leaves Gromit alone in the van, he's parked outside a hairdressers called ''WesternAnimation/ACloseShave''.
* CreativeClosingCredits: Rabbits float past as if in the holding tank of the Bun-Vac. Some of them are in costume, and some interact with each other, or with the credits text. [[spoiler:The last rabbit bumps its head on the paragraph promising that NoAnimalsWereHarmed.]]
* CuteGiant: The Were-Rabbit. Despite being many times larger than the average rabbit, it's still, well, a ''rabbit.''
* DefangedHorrors: ''Curse of the Were-Rabbit.''
* DidNotGetTheGirl: [[spoiler:Despite an enormous amount of innuendo whenever the two of them are both on screen, Wallace and Lady Tottington do not end up together, though they do ultimately create a nature preserve for bunnies.]]
* DarkReprise: A somber version of the Wallace and Gromit theme is played when Gromit see's [[spoiler: Wallace transforming back to normal]]
* DisneyDeath: [[spoiler:Were-Rabbit Wallace]].
* DramaticThunder: Spoofed.
-->'''Reverend Hedges''': To kill such a beast would require nerves of steel and... (DramaticPause) a bullet. (Thunderclap)\\
'''Lord Victor''': A bullet? (Thunder)\\
'''Reverend Hedges''': A bullet! (Thunder)\\
'''Lord Victor''': A bu-- (Thunder; Victor slams the shutters of a nearby window shut, annoyed) What ''kind'' of bullet?
* EgomaniacHunter: Victor Quartermaine.
* FacePalm: Gromit's common reaction to the foolishness surrounding him.
* {{Foreshadowing}}:
** Early on, when the Mind-Manipulation-O-Matic begins to go wrong, [[spoiler: Wallace hops like a rabbit.]]
** The morning after the first Were-Rabbit rampage, Gromit looks into the kitchen and sees [[spoiler: the fridge door open and the cheese dish left on the floor, with bits of half-eaten cheese around it.]]
* FreezeFrameBonus: It seems like every frame of animation has a joke in it somewhere. A notable example are the species names in "The Observer's Book of Monsters," by Claude Savagely (see HurricaneOfPuns below): ''touristis trappus'' (Loch Ness Monster), ''enormyious flippus-floppus'' (Bigfoot), ''numerous pedulus udderis'' (were-cow), and, of course, ''carrotus apetitus giganticus'' (were-rabbit).
* GeniusDitz / MadScientist: Wallace's inventions range from malfunctioning Rube Goldberg-esque devices to clever and groundbreaking gadgets -- which also have a tendency to malfunction. Notably, he seems more competent in the feature film than in most of the shorts.
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar: Relatively speaking, this is the dirtiest Wallace and Gromit film. Of course, do you expect less from a movie about vegetables?
** At one point, when Gromit disguises himself as a female Were-Rabbit to lure the Were-Rabbit to safety, the Were-Rabbit pinches the female Were-Rabbit's tail.
** Towards the end, Wallace finds himself clothes-less, so he grabs a handy cheese box to hold front of his private bits. The box has a "May contain nuts" label on it.
** Lady Tottington inviting Wallace to see her [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/My_Secret_Garden secret garden]] is probably the most risqué.
---> '''Lady Tottington:''' Please...call me Totty.
*** To say nothing about when she stands before two large marrows, which resemble [[GagBoobs huge]]... er, [[Film/MontyPythonAndTheHolyGrail tracts of land]].
** The priest [[GirlOnGirlIsHot avidly reading]] [[TheMagazineRule a magazine]] about [[NaughtyNuns nun-wrestling.]]
* GoldDigger: Victor's already a rich nobleman, but he was wooing Lady Tottington solely for her money.
* GoneHorriblyWrong: The Rabbit Rehabilitator.
* GoThroughMe: [[spoiler:Lady Tottington, after she realises the Were-Rabbit is Wallace, attempts to protect him from Victor.]]
* GravityIsAHarshMistress: Phillip, Victor's dog, and Gromit, near the end.
* GrowlingGut: Wallace's tummy rumbles.
* HeroicSacrifice: [[spoiler:During the climax, Were-Wallace jumps onto Gromit's falling plane to break its fall. [[DisneyDeath He gets better though.]]]]
* HomemadeInventions: A major plot propellant.
* HornsOfVillainy: Invoked and parodied. During the meeting of the towns' citizens in regard to how to deal with the creature that has been seen around their town, just before Lady Tottington makes an address, Victor is shown with two pairs of spikes that are behind his head that gives him an appearance of having devilish horns. In addition, Tottington has an angel sculpture behind her which gives her the appearance of having wings.
* HumanToWerewolfFootprints: Reversed. Originally they thought that the were-rabbit prints were leading to the basement and that the pet bunny was the culprit. Then [[spoiler:Gromit closes the door and sees that not only do the prints continue past the basement door, they change into human prints as they lead towards Wallace's bedroom]].
* HumiliationConga: At the end, Victor gets smacked by Lady Tottington with a giant carrot, stuffed into a rabbit suit, sent out to be chased away by the mob, and bitten on the tail of the suit by Phillip.
* TheHunterBecomesTheHunted: Victor, after a fashion, at the end of the film. Gromit dresses him up in the female rabbit costume and sends him out to the mob, who chase him away.
* HurricaneOfPuns: More like a perfect storm of puns.
** The cheese-themed classic titles behind which Wallace's secret cheese dish is hidden.
** The climax is also very groan-heavy.
* HypercompetentSidekick: Gromit
* {{Hypocrite}}: Victor accuses Wallace of swindling Lady Tottington out of her fortune, when that's ''exactly'' what ''Victor'' is trying to do with her.
-->'''Victor''': I know your little secret, Pesto! I know exactly what's going on!
--> '''Wallace''': Your Lordship?
-->'''Victor''': Oh, yes. You think you can pilfer my filly, don't you? You think you can con an innocent woman out of her fortune!?!?
-->'''Wallace''': Who, me?
-->'''Victor''': Well, ''I'' got here first! I've spent a lot of time reeling in that fluffy-headed bunny-lover, and I'm not about to let some puddle-headed peasant poach her from me! ''Comprendez?!''
* IdeaBulb: When Wallace gets the idea to use his brainwashing machine to make the rabbits he has captured hate vegetables, the light on his van turns on...though that was Gromit's doing.
* ImpactSilhouette: The Were-Rabbit leaves a Were-Rabbit-shaped hole in the church window during its first rampage.
* ImprovisedCross: During the were-rabbit's first rampage, he takes vegetables from the vicar's garden. The vicar tries to fend it off by forming a cross with two cucumbers, but the were-rabbit just eats them. Amusingly, the vicar is shown reaching past an actual cross in order to grab the cucumbers.
* IntellectualAnimal / SpeechImpairedAnimal: Gromit.
* IronicEcho: A rare non-verbal example; Victor's dog Phillip refuses to let Gromit step out of Wallace's car so that he can assist him during his duel with Victor. After Wallace transforms into the Were-Rabbit, Phillip begs for Gromit to let him inside his car. Gromit refuses to do so.
* ItsPersonal: Victor is the one of the few who knows the real identity of the Were-Rabbit and makes it clear to Lady Tottington that this trope is the real reason why he wants the creature killed.
* JugglingLoadedGuns: Victor at the church meeting.
* KingKongClimb: At the climax of the film, the Were-Rabbit climbs to the top of Tottington Manor, carrying Lady Tottington.
* LamePunReaction: Victor is not impressed by the vicar's little joke about how many "carrots" are in the gold bullets needed to kill the Were-Rabbit.
** Gromit also rolls his eyes when Wallace makes a comment about the rabbits breeding like...you know.
* LeftTheBackgroundMusicOn: TheVicar gives a doom and gloom rant about the Were-Rabbit with dramatic organ music in the background. The church organist is told to knock it off.
* LittleBitBeastly: [[spoiler:Midway through the film, Wallace is suddenly sporting rabbit ears. Somehow he doesn't notice until Gromit points it out to him, at which point he concedes it's "a bit odd" but [[RefugeInAudacity simply dismisses it as a side-effect of the vegetable diet Gromit has him on]].]]
* ManHug: Wallace and Gromit exchange one after [[spoiler:Wallace awakens from nearly dying]].
* ManlyMenCanHunt: Victor is utterly obsessed with hunting to the point where he keeps at it even knowing Totty can't stand it.
* MatchCut: The town meeting opens and closes with one: from Wallace surrounded by his pictures of clients, all sounding an alert, to him surrounded by the actual angry clients, and from Totty to a signed photo of her in the van. Later there's a cut from Totty to a cloud the same shape as her hair.
* MidBattleTeaBreak: Gromit and Philip are fighting in a coin operated plane that suddenly stops working. They stop fighting to insert some more change, then they resume fighting as soon as the plane starts working again.
* NewNeighboursAsThePlotDemands: As the first film in the series without a MinimalistCast, Wallace and Gromit suddenly have a whole bunch of neighbours we've never seen before.
* NoMouth: Gromit
* NoodleIncident: One of the town elders, Mr. Growbag, often brings up past incidents like the Great Slug Riot of '32 (when there were slugs the size of pigs) or the Great Duck Plague to compare them to current events.
* NotGoodWithRejection: Victor.
* OhCrap: Wallace when he realizes [[spoiler:he's the Were-Rabbit]].
-->'''Wallace''': Ohhh [[GoshDangItToHeck dear]].
** Gromit when Wallace [[spoiler: begins to turn into the Were-Rabbit]]. He reacts by locking the doors of the van.
** Later, a MassOhCrap from Gromit, the Were-Rabbit, and a group of rabbits when they realize Gromit accidentally let go of his safety line while high-fiving the Were-Rabbit.
** The Were-Rabbit emits a LoudGulp as Victor Quartermaine takes aim at him during the final fight scene.
* OnlySaneMan: Gromit; it turns out that Wallace is fairly typical of the villagers' level of common sense. Lampshaded in the church scene:
-->'''Lord Victor Quartermaine''': How on earth would those tiny-minded buffoons ever catch such a big rabbit?\\
'''Wallace''': Um... with a big trap!\\
''[FacePalm from Gromit. Hurrahs from everybody else.]''
* OopNorth: Specifically, Oop in Lancashire (though Wallace's accent is actually Yorkshire). Kept vague, but a deleted scene shows Gromit dumping all the rabbits Wallace was catching over the border into Yorkshire.
** If you [[FreezeFrameBonus look closely]] the first time they start up the van you can actually see an A-Z of Wigan on the dashboard, implying it takes place at least close to said city.
* OurWerebeastsAreDifferent: A were-rabbit instead of a werewolf.
* ParentalBonus: Besides a number of sophisticated jokes, Lady Tottington's nickname "Totty" is British slang for an attractive woman (particularly one from the upper classes).
* {{Parody}}: Of Film/HammerHorror films.
* ParrotExposition: Spoofed.
-->'''Reverend Hedges''': To kill such a beast would require nerves of steel and... (DramaticPause) a bullet.\\
'''Lord Victor''': A bullet?\\
'''Reverend Hedges''': A bullet!\\
'''Lord Victor''': A bullet? What ''kind'' of bullet?
* PhotoMontage: The opening titles.
* PoppingButtons: During the Were-Rabbit's transformation sequence.
* PreMortemOneLiner: Victor, about to shoot the Were-Rabbit with a golden bullet shaped like a root vegetable: "Eat carat, bunny boy."
* PunnyName:
** Most of the villagers have names related to plants or gardening. Even Lady Campanula Tottington gets in on it; Campanula is a type of flower.
** PC Mackintosh.
* ARealManIsAKiller: Victor is quite disgusted to discover that Wallace's Bun-Vac doesn't harm the bunnies it captures. He asks how Wallace intends to finish the little blighters off and considers the job only half-done while the rabbits are still alive.
* RedHerring: The Were-Rabbit is initially hinted to be [[spoiler:Hutch, the rabbit victim of the mind manipulation machine. However, Gromit soon discovers, to his horror, that the Were-Rabbit is actually the ''human'' victim of the mind manipulation machine.]]
** A big deal is made of Wallace's inability to fix the mind manipulator, and then Hutch takes over and seems to be making real progress repairing it, so it's natural to think that it will be a major plot point later. It's the last we actually see of it, though.
* RidiculouslyCuteCritter: No wonders why Lady Tottington doesn't want to harm the [[http://www.igglevideo.com/images/gallery/71552/01.jpg rabbits]]...
** Heck, [[http://dvdmedia.ign.com/dvd/image/article/687/687303/wallace-gromit-the-curse-of-the-were-rabbit--20060209031259594-000.jpg the Were-Rabbit]] can qualify as this at times.
* RightHandAttackDog: Victor's dog, Phillip.
* ScreamsLikeALittleGirl: Victor lets out a high-pitched scream when the Were-Rabbit flings a log over him and Gromit in the van after it seems like the Were-Rabbit was going to crush them with it.
* SeriousBusiness: The veg competition. This being Wallace and Gromit, nobody's actually going to get seriously hurt, so to keep the tension/plot going, the townspeople take the competition ''super'' seriously. {{Lampshaded}} by one manic villager during the church scene who says that they're simple folk who haven't got much else going for them. PC Macintosh flat out says that the whole thing is more trouble than it's worth.
* ShoutOut: Several. The entire film's a Hammer Horror parody, even. They range from Dracula to King Kong to Jaws, and so on.
** At some point, Gromit turns on the radio, and the song is Art Garfunkel's "Bright Eyes" from [[WesternAnimation/WatershipDown another British animated film about rabbits]]. Also a TakeThat as Gromit rolls his eyes and changes stations.
** The same scene is set outside of Theatre/{{Harvey}}'s grocers.
** To ''ComicStrip/{{Peanuts}}'' and Snoopy's role-play as a "World War 1 Flying Ace", when Gromit is flying a Sopwith Camel, and Philip is in a red triplane, like the Red Baron.
** When Gromit notices [[spoiler:Wallace]] turning into the Were-Rabbit, Wallace says [[WesternAnimation/BugsBunny "What's up Dog?"]]
** During the opening credits, the camera pans over a series of photographs. One of them shows Gromit graduating from [[Franchise/HarryPotter "Dogwarts University"]].
** The music for the opening scene is reminiscent of John Morris's score from ''Film/TheElephantMan''.
** The routine capture and containment from the opening scenes of the film plays rather like similar capture scenes from ''Film/{{Ghostbusters|1984}}''.
** [[spoiler:Wallace]] staring in horror as his hands turn into the Were-Rabbit's paws is straight out of ''Film/AnAmericanWerewolfInLondon''.
** The Were-Rabbit's reversion to [[spoiler:Wallace]] is shot with his face upside down, like the reversion scene in ''Film/WerewolfOfLondon''.
* SilentPartner: Gromit, who is also...
* SilentSnarker: ...and it's remarkable how expressive he is considering he is always portrayed without a ''mouth'', leaving his ''eyebrows'' to convey all of his emotions.
* SilverBullet: Spoofed. A were-rabbit can only be killed with a ''gold'' bullet -- 24 [[IncrediblyLamePun carat]].
* SomethingOnlyTheyWouldSay: Early on in the film, Wallace makes a playful "rabbit paws" gesture in Lady Tottington's direction. She smiles and repeats it back. [[spoiler:Later, after carrying her away from the mob and back to the greenhouse, the Were-Rabbit makes the same gesture, looking at her wistfully. She recognizes Wallace at once, stops being afraid, and pulls a GoThroughMe moment when Victor arrives to shoot him.]]
* SoreLoser: Victor.
* StabTheSalad: When one of the villagers grumpily remarks that she hopes the rabbits "get what's coming to them", the next shot has Gromit holding something on a cutting board and raising a big knife...and then he starts cutting up carrots for the bunnies.
* StopMotion
* SuperMultiPurposeRoom: Basically every room in Wallace's house has built-in intricate mechanisms and contraptions to help Wallace and Gromit wake up, get dressed, effortlessly get seated for breakfast, get the breakfast prepared, get into their car, and and and ... See ToTheBatpole.
* TorchesAndPitchforks: When the Were-Rabbit is loose at the festival, a booth selling "farm supplies", with pitchforks prominently displayed, places a new sign reading "angry mob supplies".
* ToTheBatpole: Our heroes suit up via a Heath Robinson-esque process, depicted in all its absurd detail, complete with several direct references to Gerry Anderson and ''Series/{{Thunderbirds}}''.
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Cheese, particularly Wensleydale, is Wallace's favorite, but he's also pretty enthusiastic about toast.
* TrailersAlwaysSpoil: One TV ad completely spoiled the secret of the Were-Rabbit.
* UnusualEuphemism: Victor gives a most indignant ''"Potty POO!!!"'' after [[spoiler: Gromit blocks his shot at the Were Rabbit]].
* TheVicar: Reverend Hedges.
* TheVoiceless: All of the non-human characters, except for when the rabbits howl at the moon, cheer [[spoiler:when Gromit [[TakingTheBullet takes the bullet in his plane]] that was meant for the Were-Rabbit]], and cry when [[spoiler:Wallace is believed dead]]; and Hutch when [[spoiler:he's become a were-Wallace]].
* TomatoInTheMirror: [[spoiler:Wallace is the Were-Rabbit.]]
* VisualPun: PC Mackintosh blurts out that [[spoiler:the titular character isn't dead]], the festival comes to a screeching halt, everyone is standing there in StunnedSilence, and a piece of cotton candy [[ChirpingCrickets tumbles by]].
* WeirdMoon: The moon is full for five nights, four of which the Were-Rabbit runs loose.
* WhamShot: [[spoiler:As Gromit finishes building the bigger cage for Hutch, whom they believe to be the real Were-Rabbit, he leaves the basement and closes the door... only to reveal more footprints behind it.]]
* WhereTheHellIsSpringfield: The name of the town is never given, though freeze-framing reveals a Wigan A-Z in Wallace's van.
* WhichMe: [[spoiler:When Lady Tottington rings the doorbell, Wallace panics that he can't see her with his rabbit ears. Hutch goes to answer it, and Wallace shouts, "I already ''am''!"]]
* WhosOnFirst: After Victor's wig is sucked up by the Bun-Vac 6000:
-->'''Victor:''' I want... toupée, please.\\
'''Wallace:''' Oh, grand. We take cheque or cash--\\
'''Victor:''' No, you idiot! ''Toupée!'' My hair is in your machine!\\
'''Wallace:''' Oh no, it's only rabbits in there. The hare, I think you'll find, is a much larger mammal.
* WolvesAlwaysHowlAtTheMoon: Parodied. The were-rabbit howls at the moon doing a PrimalChestPound, making all the rabbits hearing it imitate him.
* WormSign: Preceding some of the Were-Rabbit's attacks.
* YouCanRunButYouCantHide: Near the end, this line from Victor: "You can hop, but you can't hide, [[spoiler:Pesto]]!"

!!The spin-off video game provides examples of:

* ContinuityNod: There is a "have you seen this chicken?" poster with Feathers [=McGraw=].
* NoProblemWithLicensedGames: General consensus held the pest catching and bunny herding gameplay to be pretty entertaining, and the tone and original characters feel true to the films.