Western Animation / Team Toon

Four kids named Dylan, Sam, Ash, and Iko form a club called Team Toon, drawn together by their shared love of cartooning. In their club they produce the popular online viral series called "Psycho Squirrel", and they are popular at their school for their creation. However, their club isn't just a hobby. Dylan discovers that they have the power to make their cartoon creations come to life and use it to form a superhero squad of the same name to fight rogue cartoon monsters that take over the minds of innocent humans. They have their own cartoon masks, a Cool Car with a wise-cracking AI, and even Psycho Squirrel himself as a secret weapon. Episodes revolve around mysteries going in and around the school caused by monsters.

Team Toon is an American hybrid live-action/animated television show for European Cartoon Network. It is filmed and animated by the New York City-based Larry Schwarz And His Band, the successor to Animation Collective. It was planned to premiere in 2013, but didn't surface until Spring 2015 in European countries exclusively on a cable streaming site.

Made its United States premiere on Netflix on June 15th, 2015.

Not to be confused with Cookie Jar TV's new name, or a title in Disney's online game Toontown.

This show provides examples of: