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Western Animation: Tappy Toes

Tappy Toes is an obvious knockoff of Happy Feet ...up to a point.

Other than the fact that it's about a penguin learning to dance, the plot is completely different from Happy Feet, as it mostly deals with evil sea lions.

The animation is done by Renegade Animations; you might be familiar with their work on The Mr. Men Show and Chop Kick Panda.

Bobsheaux reviewed the film, and states that it's actually a lot better than he expected to be.

Tappy Tropes:

  • Covers Always Lie: Like with Back to the Sea, the cover depicts the film as CGI. Where in reality, it's done in flash.
  • The Eeyore: Pingo's dad, Ozzie. Even to the point he didn't cheer his wife after Pingo was kidnapped.
    Gerty: Do you think maybe there's some way, somehow it survived?
    Ozzie: No, Gerty. No, I don't.
    Bobsheaux: Wow, way to keep her spirits up, you douche-noodle.
  • Flash Animation
  • Mock Buster
  • More Than Meets the Eye: As stated before, the plot is different compared to Happy Feet.
  • Lampshading: Does this several times.
  • Those Two Guys: Buddy and Lou.

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