[[caption-width-right:314:POLE PA-SHI-SHA-UNNNNNNNN!!!!![[note]]Alteratively: OH CRAP, [[Franchise/BackToTheFuture DOC BROWN]]'S DRUNK AGAIN! RUN!!![[/note]]]]

'''''Pole Position''''' is an animated cartoon series produced by Creator/DICEntertainment which aired on Creator/{{CBS}} in the 1980s. Although the cartoon shares its name with the videogame ''VideoGame/PolePosition'' by Namco, there is no other connection between the two entities. The name ''Pole Position'' is copyright of Namco and used under license, and DIC apparently ''really'' wanted to use that name. [[note]]Not that the video game had any story to speak of.[[/note]]

The show featured three young sibling crime fighters, Dan, Tess, and young Daisy Darrett, the elder two of whom were stunt drivers and were part of a secret government operation under the guise of the "Pole Position Stunt Show" that was run by their Uncle Zachary. Pole Position itself seemed to be a way to disguise and protect top-secret scientific research. The youths inherited the role after their parents died in an unfortunate car accident. The team is equipped with two high-tech talking vehicles named "Roadie" and "Wheels".

The vehicles featured numerous hidden gadgets like water skis and hover jets. The vehicles' computers themselves are portable and can be removed from the dashboards and carried around using handles, (thus they are often referred to as "the modules"). They are characters that appeared as computer-drawn faces displayed on video screens.
* [[TwelveEpisodeAnime 12-Episode Cartoon]]
* ActionGirl: Tess.
* CoolCar: Roadie and Wheels. For extra points, Wheels seems to be a (heavily modified) 1960's Ford Mustang.
* DeadpanSnarker: Roadie and Wheels.
* EenieMeenieMinyMoai: Booby-trapped statues like this show up in "The Trouble With Kuma."
* GenderMisdirection: The heroes once had to meet a T. D. Russel and were never told if Russel was a man or a woman. After getting rid of two men claiming to be Russel, they learn the real one is a woman.
* GirlishPigtails: Daisy.
* IdiosyncraticEpisodeNaming: Several episodes have {{Punny Name}}s derived from Creator/AlfredHitchcock films.
* IdiotHero: Dan.
* TheMentor: Dr. Zachary.
* ParentalAbandonment: Never explored in detail in the show.
* RedOniBlueOni: Roadie And Wheels - and their drivers. Tess is much more restrained and logical than her impulsive brother.
* TagalongKid: Daisy.
* TeamPet[=/=]NonHumanSidekick: Kuma.
* {{Zeerust}}: At the time, Roadie looked like a suitably futuristic car. Not so today.