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Doug Wildey created this 1964 animated AdventureSeries, the first produced by Creator/HannaBarbera and the first to use realistically drawn human characters in ScienceFiction or adventure settings. The series aired in prime time on Creator/{{ABC}}.

The young hero Jonny Quest (voiced by future ''AnimalHouse'' star Tim Matheson) traveled the world with his father, Dr. Benton Quest; Roger "Race" Bannon, a friend and bodyguard of Dr. Quest; Hadji, Jonny's adopted brother from India, and Bandit, the family dog. (The first episode establishes that Jonny's mother, Rachel, died before the series began.)

A second ''Jonny Quest'' series was syndicated in 1986-87 as part of the second season of ''The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera'', with two new characters: Jessie Bradshaw, whose father was a colleague of Dr. Quest, and Hard Rock, a man made of living stone. This series culminated in two [[MadeForTVMovie made-for-TV movies]] - ''WesternAnimation/JonnysGoldenQuest'' and ''WesternAnimation/JonnyQuestVersusTheCyberInsects'' - which introduced Race Bannon's daughter, [[ActionGirl Jessie]] (not the same character as Jessie Bradshaw), who would become a recurring character in subsequent incarnations.

Creator/CartoonNetwork made some changes to the format when it debuted ''WesternAnimation/JonnyQuestTheRealAdventures'' (also known as "The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest") in 1996. New characters included the recurring villains Jeremiah Surd and Ezekiel Rage, and [[TheVamp the twin daughters]] of Dr. Zin (who, of course, was from the original series). Also, the characters had access to Questworld, a [[{{Cyberspace}} virtual reality realm]] represented in most episodes by 3-D computer animation. According to this [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Real_Adventures_of_Jonny_Quest [=Wikipedia article=]]], development began in 1992, but the series went through three production teams over the next four years.

A LiveActionAdaptation of ''Jonny Quest'' was announced in August 2007, with recent news placing Creator/ZacEfron as Jonny and [[Wrestling/DwayneJohnson The Rock]] as Race Bannon. However, after that lingered for years it was announced in 2015 that Warner Bros. would be trying again with Creator/RobertRodriguez directing and co-writing with ''Franchise/PiratesOfTheCaribbean'' screenwriter Terry Rossio. In the meantime, 2015 saw the classic characters return in a DTV movie crossover with ''WesternAnimation/TomAndJerry''- ''Tom & Jerry: Spy Quest''.

Not to be confused with ''WesternAnimation/JohnnyTest''.


* AdventureSeries: One of the first AnimatedSeries in the genre.
* AirVentPassageway: In the episode "Mystery of the Lizard Men", Jonny crawls though an air duct in a submarine to escape from the title opponents.
* AllAnimalsAreDogs
** "Turu The Terrible" had the Quests encounter a trained attack pteranodon. It responded to verbal commands like a dog.
** "Dragons of Ashida," where the eponymous genetically engineered killer lizards obey Sumi emphatically, even though they are explicitly stated to be savage killers that willingly devour each other, and kill Ashida himself off-screen.
* AlternativeForeignThemeSong: The Japanese version has [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2mZfES6BlA this]].
* AndroclesLion
** "A Small Matter of Pygmies". A pygmy is being punished by the other pygmies by being tied to a stake so he can be eaten by a panther. Race, Jonny, and Hadji save him by shooting the panther and releasing him. When they're captured by the other pygmies, he returns the favor by releasing them.
** "Treasure of the Temple". The Quest team releases an Indian who had been staked out to die by the BigBad and his {{mooks}}. When the team is captured by the BigBad, the Indian gets them out of their cell to freedom.
* AnimalAssassin: A tarantula in "The Fraudulent Volcano" (a la ''Film/DrNo'') and a tiger in "Riddle of the Gold".
* AntiSneezeFinger: "Monster in the Monastery". Jonny does it to himself so he doesn't sneeze and alert the "yeti". He doesn't sneeze afterwards, but Bandit does.
* ApocalypticLog
** In "The Invisible Monster" the Quests find Isaiah Norman's notebook, which tells Doctor Quest how Norman accidentally created the title monster.
** In "The Sea Haunt", the ship captain's log tells of how the title monster was captured, escaped and attacked the crew, causing panic and disaster.
* ArtisticLicensePaleontology: The titular ''Pteranodon'' of "Turu the Terrible" has a serrated bill and birdlike talons, is described as scaled, walks on his hind legs, and [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking survives multiple direct hits by bazooka rounds]].
* AsLongAsItSoundsForeign: Hadji's name and any foreign languages spoken in the series.
* AsideComment: "Monster in the Monastery". Jonny turns and looks right into the camera, then tells the viewers "I hope Hadji and Bandit made it."
* AsideGlance: Multiple episodes, usually by Bandit.
* AssuranceBackfire: In "The Sea Haunt", the Quest team is trapped on a ship with a terrible monster, and TeamPet Bandit is frightened.
-->'''Hadji:''' Don't worry, Bandit. Nothing will happen to you that won't happen to the rest of us.
-->'''Jonny:''' [[SarcasmMode Now there's a happy thought.]]
* BadassFamily: Dr. Quest and son, Race and daughter -- and let's not forget Hadji.
* TheBait: In "The Invisible Monster" Dr. Quest takes this role to lure the creature into a trap.
* BanisterSlide
** "Monster in the Monastery". Jonny and Hadji slide down a bannister to escape from some yetis and the yetis follow in pursuit of of them.
** "House of the Seven Gargoyles". Dietrich (Norway's greatest acrobatic dwarf, who's dressed as a gargoyle) does this while following the others to Professor Ericson's demonstration.
* BeingWatched: "The Fraudulent Volcano". While taking Jonny and Hadji to rescue Dr. Quest and Race Bannon, the sergeant says that he has a feeling they're being watched. He's right - they're being spied upon by Dr. Zin's men.
* BigBad: In the original series (1964-1965) the arch villain named Dr. Zin appeared in four episodes ("Riddle of the Gold", "The Robot Spy", "Double Danger" and "The Fraudulent Volcano"). All of the other episodes' villains only appeared once.
* BigElectricSwitch
** "The Invisible Monster''. Race Bannon throws one of these to activate the machine to destroy the title creature.
** "The Sea Haunt". One is used to turn on a floodlight that's used to blind and drive back the title monster.
%%* BigNo[=/=]OhCrap: Von Dueffel in "The Devil's Tower."
* BigRedButton: Used to signal the Red Scramble in "The Robot Spy".
* BlowGun: In "The Dreadful Doll", the villain Korbay uses a blowgun to fire darts that have a poison that causes its victims to enter a coma.
* BodyguardBetrayal: In "Dragons of Ashida," Sumi throws Ashida to his own dragons.
%%* BodyHorror
* BollywoodNerd: Hadji, even before the stereotype was around.
* BottomlessMagazines: Many times, including 70+ shots from an automatic pistol.
* {{Brainwashed}}: In "Pirates from Below," Hadji hypnotizes a guard with a flashing ruby.
%%* CanonDisContinuity
* CaptainEthnic: Hadji, as his main contributions to the team were snake-charming, rope-tricking, [[SimSimSalabim and other stereotypically Indian activities]]. The 1990s update gave him advanced computer skills, which in present day can be seen as unintentionally stereotypical. What's especially odd is he's described as a Hindu Indian, he wears a turban like a Sikh and "Hadji" is a Muslim title for someone who has made the pilgrimage (haj) to Mecca. The 1990s tried to also explain this away in ADayInTheLimelight episode as an OrphansPlotTrinket.
* CargoCult: In the episode "A Small Matter of Pygmies", a tribe of pygmies worships airplanes. They have have small statuettes of airplanes in the place where they perform human sacrifices.
* CaughtInASnare: "Treasure of the Temple". While the Quest team is traveling to the temple, one of the native bearers is hauled into the air by the ankle.
* TheCavalry: "A Small Matter of Pygmies". Dr. Quest and a group of helicopters arrive just in time.
* TheCavalryArrivesLate: "The Quetong Missile Mystery". After the Quests have destroyed the missile and escaped from General Fong's forces, Commissioner Wa and a boatload of Quetong police show up (and presumably take the remaining {{mooks}} into custody). {{Lampshade|Hanging}}d when Dr. Quest says "Too bad they missed the party."
* CharacterCelebrityEndorsement: Jonny [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXheZplj80s hawked PF Flyers tennis shoes]].
* ChasedByAngryNatives: In the TitleSequence, no less, as well as "Pursuit of the Po-Ho".
* ChekhovsGun
** "Mystery of the Lizard Men". The hydrofoil is used to escape the title opponents and the mirror Dr. Quest brings along saves the ship form a laser beam.
** "The Robot Spy". The Parapower Ray Gun Dr. Quest is working on is used to destroy the title device.
** "Arctic Splashdown". The snow skimmer the Quest team brings along is used by Hadji in an escape attempt.
** "Calcutta Adventure". Dr. Quest's ultrasonic amplifier is used to destroy the bad guys by causing an avalanche.
** "Pirates from Below". Jonny and Hadji's communication devices are used by them to communicate after Jonny is kidnapped. Dr. Quest uses the underwater probe's waldo arms to defend it against attack by the bad guys.
** "The House of Seven Gargoyles". Strontium Glacier is noted as being dangerous, and a HoistByYourOwnPetard causes it to destroy the villains. Professor Ericson's helicopter is used by Dr. Quest and Race Bannon to pursue the bad guys.
* ChekhovsSkill: In the TOS episode "The Mystery of the Lizard Men", Jonny learns a judo throw from Race Bannon that he later uses on one of the title opponents.
* {{Chiaroscuro}}: The animation style used very heavy blacks. (This is especially obvious when a character's face is in shadow, eliminating the need to animate their mouth.)
* ChokeHolds: In "The Quetong Missile Mystery", Race Bannon uses a sleeper hold on a {{Mook}} guard.
* CoffinContraband: "The Sea Haunt". A deserted freighter has a cargo hold full of coffins, each of which contains gold bars.
* CoincidentalBroadcast: "Attack of the Tree People". Topper turns on the radio just in time to hear about Jonny and Hadji being shipwrecked.
* CoolButInefficient: In "The Robot Spy," Dr. Quest's Para-Power Raygun stops the robot spy, but considering it was designed to drain the power of the machine, not destroy it as it did, he notes that there is no point to the gun as a glorified artillery piece until he can perfect it for its true purpose.
* ContrivedCoincidence: "The Mystery of the Lizard Men". Out of all of the wrecked ships in the Sargasso Sea, the one that Jonny wants to explore is the one the villain is using as his base.
%%* DeadpanSnarker: Race and Hadji.
* DeathByTransceiver: The episode "The Invisible Monster". Dr. Quest receives a frantic ham radio message.
-->'''Norman:''' Benton! This is Isaiah Norman. I desperately need your help. You know of my experiments in attempting to harness energy and my theory of controlling it. Well, I'm afraid my efforts have resulted in the creation of something too terrible to contemplate.\\
'''Dr. Quest:''' But Isaiah...\\
'''Norman:''' No! Believe me, Benton. It is monstrous beyond imagination. ''[We see the monster's footsteps as it returns]'' And what is worse, uncontrollable. Can you come at once?\\
'''Dr. Quest:''' Of course, Isaiah.\\
'''Norman:''' Something must be done to stop this thing. ''[Monster's weird noise is heard]'' No. No! It's come back! ''[Monster consumes Dr. Norman]''\\
'''Dr. Quest:''' Isaiah! Isaiah!
* DefeatMeansFriendship: "Calcutta Adventure." When Jonny and Hadji first meet, Jonny thinks Hadji is threatening Dr. Quest (he actually just saved Dr. Quest's life). Jonny attacks Hadji, but Hadji uses a judo move to throw Jonny away and Jonny lands in a heap. After the misunderstanding is explained, Jonny praises Hadji's judo skill and they become friends.
* DiabolicalMastermind: Dr. Zin. He has at least two major bases, a castle and an ElaborateUndergroundBase inside a volcano, plus an army of {{mooks}}s. He's also a technological genius, who developed a robot spy and a beam that can shoot down airplanes.
* DisappearedDad: In the original 1960s series, Hadji is an orphan whose parents are never mentioned.
* DisneyVillainDeath
** "Monster in the Monastery". Jonny bursts some bags of oil with a bow and arrows. A villain wearing a yeti costume slips on the oil, rolls down some stairs, and then over the edge of a cliff to his death.
** "Dragons of Ashida". One of the dragons chases Race Bannon out of a cave mouth. Race jumps up and grabs a tree branch and the dragon falls to its death at the base of a cliff.
* DistressCall: In the episodes "The Invisible Monster" and "Pursuit of the Po-Ho" Dr. Benton Quest gets a radio call for help from an old friend and springs into action to try to save them.
* TheDogBitesBack: In "Dragons of Ashida", Dr. Ashida's abuse of his servant Sumi leads to a MistreatmentInducedBetrayal.
* DoubleDontKnow: Episode "The Robot Spy". Doctor Quest is puzzled by the appearance of the title device in its hidden form.
-->'''Jonny:''' What is it, Dad?
-->'''Dr. Quest:''' I don't know, Jonny, I really don't know!
* DoubleTap: "A Small Matter of Pygmies". After downing a black leopard, Race Bannon shoots it again to make sure it's dead.
* TheDragon: "Dragons of Ashida". Sumi is the bodyguard of his master Dr. Ashida. Race Bannon defeats him in a judo match before facing Dr. Ashida.
* DragonLady: "Jezebel" Jade is an exceptionally rare ''Good'' variant, combined with mild ActionGirl -- mysterious, sexy, aggressive, untrustworthy and vaguely Asiatic. She appears in "Double Danger" and wears a ''qipao'' in "Terror Island."
* DramaticChaseOpening: Usually natives running away from the bad guys.
* DressingAsTheEnemy: "The Fraudulent Volcano". After Jonny and Hadji knock out a couple of guards, Dr. Quest and Race don their uniforms while attempting to ''escape'' the enemy base.
%%* EatTheCamera: First act of "The Monolith Man."
* ElaborateUndergroundBase
** "The Dreadful Doll" has an arms and submarine base being built under the surface of the island.
** "Pirates From Below" has a base in an underwater cave system equipped with submarines and hovercraft.
** "The Fraudulent Volcano". A large base was built under/in the title volcano.
* EnergyBeings: "The Invisible Monster". The title creature is "a mass of energy that somehow came alive". It uses VampiricDraining to obtain all kinds of energy, including LifeEnergy.
* EpisodeTitleCard: Each episode had a different one, but see TitleSequenceReplacement below.
* EverybodyLaughsEnding: Usually at Bandit, e.g. in "The Robot Spy."
* EveryCarIsAPinto: After Singh's car is wrecked in "The Quetong Missile Mystery".
* EvilDetectingDog
** "Skull and Double Crossbones". When Jose asks Bandit if he wants to be friends, Bandit growls at him. Later we learn that Jose is TheMole, a spy for [[BigBad the Chief]] of a crew of pirates.
** "Shadow of the Condor". When Bandit first meets Baron von Freulich he growls at him. Later von Freulich tries to murder Race Bannon.
* EvilLaugh: Pierre (the "werewolf") in "The Werewolf of the Timberlands", Dr. Zin in "The Robot Spy" and von Dueffel in "The Devil's Tower" all have chilling laughs when they're gloating and thinking about the nastiness they're planning.
* EvilMinions: As a DiabolicalMastermind Dr. Zin has many of these useful tools. In "The Fruadulent Volcano" some of them run his ElaborateUndergroundBase inside a volcano.
* FamilyUnfriendlyDeath: What set it apart from other cartoons in its time. Or other cartoons today, for that matter. [[OncePerEpisode At least one villain dies in nearly every episode.]] Some of the deaths inflicted on the bad guys are a massive ship explosion, a collision into the side of a mountain, a feasting on by his own lizards, electrocution by a high-voltage fence, a burial in a cave-in, a drop over a creaky bridge, and that's just a few. None of the deaths are ever shown on-screen, of course.
* FamousNamedForeigner: Hadji Singh. Hadji is an obviously Muslim title, and Singh is obviously Hindu or Sikh.
* FishPerson: The sea monster in "The Sea Haunt". It is humanoid in shape and walks like a man, makes noises like a mammal (not a fish), and is clearly at least somewhat intelligent.
* FlareGun: "The Sea Haunt". Dr. Quest and Race Bannon use Very pistols against the title monster. The writer apparently thought that because they were "pistols" they could [[BottomlessMagazines fire multiple times without reloading like a revolver]]: they're actually single shot.
* ForTheEvulz: Seems to be the ''raison d'etre'' for some of the villains.
* ForScience
** In "The Dragons of Ashida" and "Terror Island" the {{Mad Scientist}}s create giant monsters without any concern for the consequences of their actions.
** A more benign example would be Dr. Quest himself, who always puts himself and his family in danger to investigate the strange, the odd, and the incredible.
* FrickinLaserBeams: In the episode "Mystery of the Lizard Men'' the villain had one that was visible, moving at a VERY slow speed. It was so slow that the ship's captain could see and report it coming, and likewise Dr. Quest could order his crew to move a mirror to intercept it in order to reflect it back and destroy the enemy ship.
* GiantEnemyCrab: ''Terror Island" had a car-sized crab, a mutation caused by bacteria.
* GiantSpider: A huge mutated spider in "Terror Island" and the large SpiderTank in "The Robot Spy".
* GodGuise in "Pusuit of the Po-Ho".
** Dr. Quest uses a loudspeaker in a plane to make the natives think he's Aerio, god of the air.
** A berry-dyed Race Bannon rises from the water and shouts at the Po-Ho in English, causing them to think that he's their water god Akesio.
* GoneHorriblyWrong: "The Invisible Monster". Dr. Isaiah Norman's experiment gets away from him and creates a mass of energy that exists only to feed on other energy - including living things.
* GovernmentAgencyOfFiction: Intelligence One, the U.S. Government agency Race Bannon works for and Dr. Quest occasionally helps.
* TheGrandHunt: In "Riddle of the Gold", the fake maharajah sets up a tiger hunt in honor of Dr. Quest's visit. He plans to use have Dr. Quest assassinated during the hunt by having him "accidentally" shot.
%%* TheGuardsMustBeCrazy
* AHandfulForAnEye: Jonny does it to a guard in "Arctic Splashdown."
* HandSignals: "Pirates from Below". When Colonel Svedry is up on the underwater prober and about to enter it, he makes a beckoning gesture to his subordinate who is standing on the sand below.
* HesAFriend
** "Werewolf of the Timberland". The wolf Gray One has just saved Dr. Quest and Race Bannon from being attacked by the "werewolf" ([[ScoobyDooHoax a man in a werewolf suit]]), but they don't realize this and Race Bannon prepares to shoot the wolf. Jonny and Hadji arrive and call out to them, telling them that the wolf is a friend.
** "Calcutta Adventure". Pasha Peddler shows up in his helicopter right after the team has been attacked by a {{mook}} in a plane. Race thinks he might be an enemy, but Hadji tells them he's a friend.
%%* HeelFaceTurn: Mr. Trudge in the 1986 episode "Creeping Unknown".
* HoistByHisOwnPetard
** "Mystery of the Lizard Men". The BigBad fires a laser at the Quests' ship, Dr. Quest reflects it back with a mirror and blows him up.
** "Arctic Splashdown". An enemy {{Mook}} tries to blow up the Quest's ship with a bomb. It ends up falling off the ship (thanks to Bandit), lands in the {{Mook}}'s raft and blows him up.
** "The Curse of Anubis". The BigBad is killed by a cave-in while trying [[DeathTrap to trap the Quests inside a burial chamber]]. To be fair, the walking undead mummy who'd been after him for the whole episode and had finally caught him would most likely have killed him anyway.
** "Dragons of Ashida". Dr. Ashida breeds huge carnivorous lizards that he uses to hunt down escaped servants (and eventually the Quests). At the end of the episode his servant Sumi finally [[TheDogBitesBack has had enough of the doctor's abuse]] and throws him into the dragons' pit, where he's eaten alive.
** "Pirates from Below". Villains try to blow up the Quests' underwater vehicle with a mine. Race Bannon removes it and releases it, whereupon it floats up to the bottom of the BigBad's boat and goes "Boom".
** "The Devil's Tower". Von Dueffel blows off his biplane's wing with a hand grenade he was attempting to throw at Dr. Quest and crashes.
** "The Quetong Missile Mystery". General Fong shoots a guard out of pure frustration at the Quests [[YouHaveFailedMe escaping him]]. The dead guard then falls on a PlungerDetonator and blows Fong up with one of his own planted mines.
** "House of Seven Gargoyles". Enemy {{Mooks}} shooting at Dr. Quest while they're under a glacier cause an ice collapse, killing them and the BigBad as well.
** "Terror Island". Dr. Chu Sing Ling is blown up by a power plant explosion caused by one of the giant monsters he created.
** "The Riddle of the Gold". Ali plans to use a tiger to kill Dr. Quest, but the tiger ends up killing him instead.
* HollywoodTorches: "The House of Seven Gargoyles". There are a number of torches on the walls of Professor Ericson's castle. No one is ever seen tending them and they never go out.
* HonestJohnsDealership: Pasha Peddler in "Calcutta Adventure." He might charge a lot for his goods, but he delivers great service for the money. For instance, when Benton Quest and Race Bannon are being pursued by Mooks in a mountain range, they suddenly find some skis and poles waiting for them to make their escape courtesy of Pasha Peddler, along with the bill. Obviously, they don't argue with such salesmanship.
%%* TheIgor: Dr. Phorbus' assistant Simon in "Peril of the Reptilian."
* ILikeThoseOdds: "Monster in the Monastery". After Jonny and Hadji tell Dr. Quest and Race that there are nine enemies left in the monastery, Race says to Dr. Quest "That makes the odds about right, sir". Two men, two kids and the Raj Guru (who's basically a non-combatant) against 9 armed men, and the odds are "just about right"? Sure, [[{{Badass}} Race]] takes out eight of the guys while Benton and the boys take the last one. Or they would have if [[spoiler: the yeti hadn't beat them to it]].
* IndyHatRoll: "The Fraudulent Volcano". Jonny and Hadji crawled on their hands and knees under a closing security door Hadji just made it by throwing himself forward.
* InvincibleIncompetent: Jonny is pretty powerless through the show's whole run, and is constantly being plucked from danger by his father and Race.
* InvisibleMonsters: The title creature in the episode "The Invisible Monster," [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin strangely enough]]. At least, it's invisible until [[spoiler: the heroes cover it with paint, allowing them to see it--and then destroy it.]]
* ISurrenderSuckers: "Terror Island." Race Bannon holds up his hands and pretends to surrender to a jeep full of {{Mook}} guards. He then tosses a grenade into the jeep and dodges behind a building as the grenade explodes, killing them.
* ItsRainingMen: "The Fraudulent Volcano". Dr. Quest and Race Bannon must bail out and parachute down when the plane they're in is shot down by an invisible beam.
* JetPack
** "The Invisible Monster". The Quest team uses jet packs to fly around the island and find the title creature, then to escape it when it pursues them.
** "Turu The Terrible". Dr. Quest and Race Bannon use jet packs to ascend to the top of the plateau and face the title monster, who can fly himself because he's a pteranodon.
* {{Juggernaut}}: Dr. Zin's robot spy that is big, spidery and ''unstoppable''!
* JungleDrums: "Pursuit of the Po-Ho". Used by the title tribe.
* JustBetweenYouAndMe: Dr. Zin in "The Robot Spy" and "The Fraudulent Volcano."
* KarmicDeath: Multiple episodes.
* KnockoutGas: In the episode "The Quetong Missile Mystery". Sleep gas knocks out General Fong in a couple of seconds.
%%* LegoGenetics: 1986 episode "Peril of the Reptilian".
* LetsSplitUpGang: Subverted in "The Devil's Tower". While Jonny, Race and Hadji are searching for Dr. Quest, Hadji suggests splitting up but Race says that they should stick together.
* LifeEnergy: In "The Invisible Monster", this is one of the forms of energy the titular creature can devour.
* LittleStowaway: {{Lampshaded}} in "Terror Island". When Race Bannon arrives at the island by boat, he says that the boys (Jonny and Hadji) can come out now. When they ask how he knew they were there, Race says that they've pulled the "stowaway bit" so often that he's come to expect it.
* MadScientist
** Dr. Ashida in "Dragons of Ashida", who used genetic engineering on lizards to increase their size and also had a ManiacalLaugh.
** In "Terror Island", Dr. Chu Sing Ling used a chemical to grow gigantic versions of normal creatures.
* MadeForTVMovie: It had two in the early 90's: ''WesternAnimation/JonnysGoldenQuest'' and ''WesternAnimation/JonnyQuestVersusTheCyberInsects'', neither of which were considered very good.
* MagicalNativeAmerican: White Feather in "Werewolf of the Timberland".
* MakeItLookLikeAnAccident: Villains order this for the Quest team in "Double Danger" and "Werewolf of the Timberland".
* MatchlightDangerRevelation: In "The Fraudulent Volcano", this is how Jonny and Hadji discover they're hiding in a room full of explosives. Jonny blows the match out before anything happens.
* MeaningfulName: In "The Devil's Tower" the villain is named "Von Deufel", very similar to "Teufel" ("devil" in German).
* MissingMom: Jonny's and Hadji's moms don't appear. Jonny's mother is absent because she's dead (the first episode "The Mystery of the Lizard Men" states that Jonny's mom died -- from what is unknown). Hadji's mother isn't mentioned at all.
* TheMole
** "The Quetong Missile Mystery". Lieutenant Singh of the Quetong Police has sold out to General Fong.
** "Skull and Double Crossbones". Jose the cook is secretly a member of the pirate crew stalking the Quest team.
** "Treasure of the Temple". The Indian guide Montoya is in league with a ruthless treasure hunter.
** "The Curse of Anubis". Dr. Ahmed Kareem is actually the {{Villain}}.
%%* NinjaPirateZombieRobot: Zartan's henchman Scorpio in the 1986 "The Monolith Man".
* NobleWolf: "Werewolf of the Timberland". The First Nations member White Feather had a wolf companion named Grey One. Grey One could understand English and obeyed White Feather like a loyal dog.
* NonHumanSidekick: Bandit is the Quests' TeamPet dog. He gets Jonny into trouble as often as he gets him out of trouble.
* NowDoItAgainBackwards: "The Invisible Monster". Dr. Quest plans to destroy the title creature by reversing the process by which it was created.
* ObviouslyEvil: Most ''WesternAnimation/JonnyQuest'' villains are ''really'' unsubtle in their constant [[KickTheDog dog kicking]], their blatantly selfish, malevolent motives, and their choices of wardrobe and lighting. For instance, Dr. Ashida in "The Dragons of Ashida" is such an arrogantly megalomanical [[EvilLaugh cackling]] YellowPeril MadScientist that he makes the series' BigBad, Dr. Zin, seem AffablyEvil and restrained by comparison.
* {{Oculothorax}}
** Dr. Zin's Robot Spy is a SpiderRobot composed of a giant eye in a ball, set on spider legs.
** The title creature in "The Invisible Monster". It's a tear-drop shaped mass of energy with one large eye in the center of its "forehead".
* OmnidisciplinaryScientist: Dr. Benton Quest. His known areas of expertise are:
** Archeology: "Treasure of the Temple" (conducting research), "The Curse of Anubis" (called in as an expert)
** Biology: "The Quetong Missile Mystery" (analyzing cause of fish death), ''Monster in the Monastery" (identifying a fake yeti scalp as antelope hide)
** Chemistry: "Riddle of the Gold" (identifying the gold as fake)
** Engineering: "The Fraudulent Volcano" (created an extinguisher bomb), "Pirates from Below" (designed the underwater prober), "Shadow of the Condor" (created a mining filter)
** Geology/Volcanology: "The Fraudulent Volcano" (called in as an expert)
** Nuclear Energy/Physics: "The Invisible Monster" (studying and destroying the creature), "The Robot Spy" (creating the Para Power Ray Gun), "Mystery of the Lizard Men" (working on laser research)
** Marine biology: "Skull and Double Crossbones" (conducting research), "The Dreadful Doll" (conducting research)
** Medicine: "Calcutta Adventure" (sent to analyze illness cause), "The Dreadful Doll" (developing a poison cure), "Turu the Terrible" (healing a wounded Indian)
** Metallurgy: "Turu the Terrible" (knowledge of trinoxite)
** Meteorology: "The Devil's Tower" (conducting research)
** Paleontology: "Turu the Terrible" (identifying Turu as a pteranodon by sight)
* PantheraAwesome
** "Riddle of the Gold" had a tiger hunt, where the hunters became the hunted.
** "Pursuit of the Po-Ho" had a magnificent black panther snarling as Dr. Quest performed his GodGuise act. It was also featured in the opening credits.
* PistolWhipping
** Race Bannon uses the butt of a rifle to knock out an enemy {{Mook}} guard in "The Quetong Missile Mystery" and "The Fraudulent Volcano".
** A {{Mook}} knocks out Race Bannon with a pistol butt in "Mystery of the Lizard Men".
** "Terror Island". Jade knocks out a guard with the butt of her pistol.
* PlungerDetonator: General Fong's guards use them to detonate mines in "The Quetong Missile Mystery".
* PowderTrail: "Riddle of the Gold". After a villain ties up the Quest team and lays a trail of gunpowder to a barrel full of the stuff, Bandit saves the day by putting out the flame with his...err, tail. Race [[LampshadeHanging hangs a lampshade]] on it even then: "Isn't that a bit of an old routine?"
* ThePrecariousLedge: This trope appears in the episode "The Devil's Tower". During their escape the Quest team must ease their way along a narrow trail in a cliff with the mad war criminal Von Duffel bombing them with grenades from the air.
* ProtagonistTitle: The show is named for one of the main characters, Jonny Quest.
* PteroSoarer: "Turu the Terrible". Turu the trained (and toothed) ''pteranodon''. (To be fair, the "teeth" are [[http://i139.photobucket.com/albums/q318/Monster_Master316/Jonny%20Quest/Turu.jpg presented as a serrated bill]] -- but that is hardly accurate, either.) Turu is depicted as gigantic, with bat-like wings, and is shown grabbing Dr. Quest with his feet and carrying him away through the air.
* PuppyLove: In the two movies based on the 80's series, Race's daughter Jesse and Jonny appear to be about 10 to 12 years old. She kisses him in both movies.
* PutTheirHeadsTogether: "Terror Island". Race kicks a guard in the butt and causes his head to collide with that of another guard, knocking them both out.
* RealAfterAll: "Monster in the Monastery". In the episode "Monster in the Monastery", a group of Communists dress up as yeti to scare a group of monks. They're eventually discovered dead, ripped to pieces by an unknown force. At the end of the episode, a real yeti, the one that killed them, is seen walking into the mountains.
* RedAlert
** Episode "The Sea Haunt". As the title creature climbs onto the deck of the ship the captain tells a crewman to "Sound the alarm! All hands on deck!", and an alarm bell starts ringing.
** In both "Arctic Splashdown" and "The Robot Spy" there are "scramble alerts" at Air Force bases, with jets taking off. In "The Robot Spy" the Duty Officer actually says he's going to call a "Red Scramble" and pushes a BigRedButton with the label "Red Alert".
* RedEyesTakeWarning
** "Monster in the Monastery". The fake yeti (who are malicious enemy agents) have red eyes.
** "The Robot Spy". The titular opponent - which was sent by the DiabolicalMastermind Doctor Zin - has one large red eye.
* RedScare: Three episodes ("Arctic Splashdown", "Pirates From Below" and "The House of Seven Gargoyles") involved Russian or Eastern European Communist villains and three had Chinese Communist villains ("The Quetong Missile Mystery", "Terror Island" and "Monster in the Monastery").
* ReflectiveEyes: "Pirates from Below". A guard's eyes reflect glints from Hadji's ruby.
* RememberTheNewGuy: Hadji at first, until a 1960s episode where they talk about how they all first met.[[note]]It's assumed that this story also applies to the later versions as well, since it was never contradicted those versions.[[/note]]
* {{Retcon}}: Jessie Bradshaw in the 80s series -> Race Bannon's daughter in the TV movies.[[note]]However, this only assumes that the movies aren't an alternate continuity, if not two separate ones for each movie.[[/note]]
** "Deadly Junket" was essentially a copy of "The Dreadful Doll". So it's Denise Lor -> Jessie Bradshaw -> Jessie Bannon
* RightHandAttackDog: "Dragons of Ashida". The title character has large lizards similar to Komodo dragons that he considers his pets. He uses them for hunting human beings and as security for his island.
* RopeBridge: "The Devil's Tower". While making their escape from the title place, our heroes have to cross a rope bridge while an insane WorldWarI German war criminal is throwing grenades at them from a biplane. One of the grenades hits the bridge and breaks it while Dr. Quest is crossing it, requiring him to be pulled to safety.
* RuthlessModernPirates: "Skull And Double Crossbones." Modern day pirates force the Quests to help them obtain sunken treasure.
* ScaryScorpions: "The Curse of Anubis". A desert scorpion menaces the Quest team, but Race Bannon kills it with a whip.
* ScoobyDoobyDoors: Done in at least one episode with Johnny on a motorbike being chased by villains in a jeep.
* ScoobyDooHoax
** "The Mystery of the Lizard Men". The title characters are agents of a villain planning to destroy a U.S. space shot with a laser. They wear wetsuits and appear to be reptilian.
** "Werewolf of the Timberland". One member of a gang of gold smugglers masquerades as a werewolf to frighten off investigators.
** "Monster in the Monastery". A group of Chinese agents wear yeti costumes in order to frighten villagers.
* SecondPersonAttack
** "Dragons of Ashida". When one of the dragons starts up a hill after Race Bannon, Race rolls down a boulder at it. We see the boulder approaching from the dragon's point of view, just before it hits.
** "A Small Matter of Pygmies". When Race, Jonny and Hadji roll boulders and logs down the hill at the pygmies climbing up it, we see the boulders and logs approaching from the pygmies' point of view.
* SelfDestructMechanism: "Arctic Splashdown." The missile has a self destruct device so it can be destroyed in mid-flight if it goes off course.
* SensorSuspense: "The Robot Spy" starts with a scene at a U.S. Air Force base. Radar operators watch the approach of the title device on a radar screen before calling a RedAlert.
* ShieldSurf: "Monster in the Monastery". Jonny and Hadji uses a large shield-like gong to slide down a hill and escape the villains.
%%* ShirtlessScene: All 4 of the main characters in various episodes.
* ShoutOut: "That's a horse of a different color!" in "Attack of the Tree People".
* SiegeEngines: Catapults flinging flaming missiles in "Monster in the Monastery".
* SiliconBasedLife: Not quite. Hard Rock, the man of living stone, was an ancient human whose body had been changed by radiation into solid ''carbon.''
* SimSimSalabim: Hadji could perform snake charming with his flute, had the fakir style powers of self-levitation and hypnosis.
%%* TheSixties: Made in 1964.
%%* SkintoneSclerae
%%* SkunkStripe: Dr. Phorbus in "Peril of the Reptilian."
* SlipperySkid: "Monster in the Monastery". Jonny shoots arrows to break oil bags hanging from the ceiling, and the chief yeti slips in the oil, rolls down some stairs and [[DisneyVillainDeath falls to his death]].
%%* TheSmurfettePrinciple: All three series.
* SnakeCharmer: Hadji. When the Quests first meet Hadji in India in the episode "Calcutta Adventure" he is charming a cobra while playing a recorder-like instrument. In the episode "The Curse of Anubis" Hadji uses his flute to control deadly snakes and send them away.
* SpeaksFluentAnimal: "Werewolf of the Timberland." The First Nations character named White Feather could speak to wolves and owls (and presumably other forest creatures).
* SpiderTank: "The Robot Spy". The title device was a globe with a single large eye set in it, with four long legs sticking out of the top. It was invulnerable to firearms up to and including a tank's main gun.
* StabTheScorpion: "A Small Matter of Pygmies". The pygmy who cuts Hadji's bonds.
* StandardHollywoodStrafingProcedure: "Calcutta Adventure." An enemy {{Mook}} makes multiple strafing runs against the Quests, who are riding in a vehicle at the time.
* StealthHiBye: "Werewolf of the Timberland". White Feather disappeared repeatedly while talking to Jonny and Hadji.
* StockPhrases
** GladHesOnOurSide: "The Mystery of the Lizard Men" and "Treasure of the Temple".
** ThatsAnOrder: Race to the boys in "Terror Island".
** ThisCannotBe: Notably, Kareem in "The Curse of Anubis."
** WeWillMeetAgain: Dr. Zin and his daughters.
** YouCanSayThatAgain: In "The Invisible Monster".
* StunGuns: "The Robot Spy." The title device had two antennae that could render anyone they touched unconscious.
* SubmarinePirates: "Pirates from Below". They arrive in a submarine and steal the Underwater Prober. Later they attack the Prober in torpedo-firing one man subs.
* TapOnTheHead
** "Mystery of the Lizard Men". The title opponents are knocked out as follows: Race Bannon (1 punch, 1 judo chop), Jonny (1 by air vent grill, 1 by swinging pulley, 2 by oar, 1 by facemask).
** "Werewolf of the Timberland". White Feather hits Blackie over the head with a club and puts him down.
** "The Fraudulent Volcano". Hadji takes out a guard with a swung lantern and Race drops a guard using an elbow to the solar plexus.
** "The Dreadful Doll". Race nails Korbai with a plank and Alverjo brains Harden with a scuba tank.
** "Monster in the Monastery". Hadji thwacks one yeti with a club and crowns another with a crate, Jonny takes out two yetis with thrown pots and a yeti puts himself to sleep with a thrown rock.
** "The Devil's Tower". Race knocks out a sleepy caveman with his own club.
* TeamPet: Bandit regularly provides comic relief, as well as getting the team into trouble (and out again) and going for help.
* TemptingFate
** "Pirates from Below". The enemy leader is waiting for a mine attached to the Quest's underwater probe to detonate. Unfortunately for him, Race Bannon has removed the mine and let it drift up to the leader's ship.
--->'''Enemy leader:''' Their time is almost up. It is just a matter of seconds. ''('''BOOM'''!)''
** "Turu the Terrible". Dr. Quest and Race Bannon are sitting in front of a campfire.
--->'''Race Bannon:''' Well, so far so good, eh doctor?\\
'''Dr. Quest:''' And surprisingly peaceful.\\
'''Turu the Terrible:''' ''(detects them and starts making its warning call, then attacks)''
** "The Devil's Tower". Klaus is dive-bombing the Quests with grenades but repeatedly misses. He then yells "This time I cannot miss!" His next grenade ends up in the wing of the biplane he's flying, blowing up the wing and sending him spiraling down to his doom.
* ThatWasTheLastEntry: "The Sea Haunt". The ApocalypticLog of a ship's captain describes how he and his crew were threatened by a monster.
* ThrowABarrelAtIt: In "The Sea Haunt", the monster throws a barrel at Race Bannon while he's in the ship's Paint Room.
* ThrowingTheDistraction
** "The Dreadful Doll". Hadji throws a rock to distract Korbay so Jonny can free Race Bannon.
** "Terror Island". Race Bannon throws a coin to distract some guards.
* TimmyInAWell: Bandit and Superintendent Owens in "Skull and Double Crossbones."
* TitleSequenceReplacement: Much like what had been done with ''WesternAnimation/TheJetsons'' a year before, when the original series and the 1986 revival were syndicated together on ''The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera'', the original show's TitleSequence was replaced with the revival's. Even the {{Episode Title Card}}s were redone in the new series' style, with the writers' names added.
* TranquilizerDart: "The Quetong Missile Mystery" and "Pirates from Below"
* ToxicFriendInfluence: In the original series Jonny was sometimes this to Hadji. Jonny would come up with crazy ideas that got them into danger (often against the wishes of his father and Race Bannon) and Hadji would reluctantly go along with him.
* TrapDoor: The title {{Villain}} uses one in "Dragons of Ashida."
* TribalFacePaint: "Pursuit of the Po-Ho". The title opponents have a variety of white markings on their faces to indicate their tribal nature.
* TrojanHorse: In "The Robot Spy" Dr. Zin tricks Dr. Quest into taking the title device inside a military base. Race calls the trope out by name.
* TwentyMinutesIntoTheFuture: Possibly. The date is never explicitly stated, and aside from the sci-fi gadgetry the series looks like it's set in the era it was made in.
* VampiricDraining: "The Invisible Monster". The title creature can drain the [[LifeEnergy energy from a human body]] by touch, thus "consuming" the person.
* VanInBlack: One is keeping an eye on the Quests in "The Quetong Missile Mystery."
* VisibleInvisibility: "The Invisible Monster". It left burning... er... ''blob''-prints where it "stepped" and blew up anything it touched, so there was a clear delineation of where it had been. How Dr. Quest and Race were able to make it visible by [[FridgeLogic dropping paint balloons]] onto it is never explained.
%%* WalkingTheEarth
* WinYourFreedom: In "Dragons of Ashida" the MadScientist Dr. Ashida refuses to let the Quest team leave his island, but he promises to let them go if Race Bannon defeats his servant Sumi in a judo match.
* WildWilderness: Any episode from old to new has this trope to a T.
* YellowPeril: Dr. Zin... and Dr. Ashida, and General Fong, and Chu Sing Ling -- heck, the series '''lived''' on this trope.
* YouHaveFailedMe: In "The Quetong Missile Mystery," General Fong [[FamilyUnfriendlyDeath shoots one of his own men]] for this reason.
* YouShallNotPass: In "Dragons of Ashida," Race does this to Sumi and two dragons.