[[caption-width-right:349:Everyone say Humf!]]
A SliceOfLife type show, Humf is a small, purple furry creature created by Andrew Brenner. It airs on Nick Jr in the UK.

* AmazingTechnicolorWildlife - At least Loon resembles a peacock. Wait, do peacocks come in pink?
* BlahBlahBlah - Played for laughs in every single episode - It's what the viewers hear when an adult talks to another adult or when an adult talks on the telephone.
* CartoonCreature - What exactly is Humf, anyway? WordOfGod is that he's a small furry purple thing, but he looks really like a lamb with fangs. His parents and relatives comes in assorted colors, and some has horns. And that's not even getting to his friends...
* CuteLittleFangs - Look at Humf carefully. Heck, look at all the male furry things carefully.
* CharacterTitle
* LicensedGame[=/=]EdutainmentGame[=/=]{{iOS Games}}: Two for the iPhone
* NoAntagonist: Justified, it is a slice of life show after all.
* PatchworkKids - Mum is a blue furry thing, dad is a red furry thing, so Humf himself, naturally, is purple.
* TitleThemeTune - Everybody Say Humf!
** ThemeTuneRollCall - ''Wallace and Loon/and Uncle Harry too/My mom and my dad/are right here with me and you...''
* WaddlingHead - His friend, Wallace. Green, furry, horned, no body- arms and legs attach directly to the head.