-> ''"There are two major factions of the deviantART community. The first one is people who draw so well that they make you feel like shit and the second one are people that make you feel like shit because you are a member of their species."''
-->-- [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1YWWTjDmZQ Welcome To DeviantArt]]

'''[[http://www.deviantart.com/ DeviantArt]]''' is a website featuring art from registered users. Art types include full-fledged paintings, sketches, digital art, photography, sculptures, writing, fan art, comics, and more; there are extensive downloadable resources such as tutorials and stock photography. "[[http://fella.deviantart.com/ Fella]]," a small, {{robot|Buddy}}ic, [[FunnyAnimal cat character]], is the official [=DeviantArt=] {{mascot}}.

[=DeviantArt=] was originally launched on Monday August 7, 2000 by Angelo Sotira, Scott Jarkoff, and Matt Stephens as part of a larger network of music-related websites called the Dmusic Network. The site flourished largely because of its unique offering and the contributions of its core member base and a team of volunteers after its launch, but was officially incorporated in 2001 about eight months after launch.

[=DeviantArt=] was [[FollowTheLeader loosely inspired by projects like Winamp facelift, customize.org, deskmod.com, screenphuck.com, and skinz.org]], all application skin-based websites. Sotira entrusted all public aspects of the project to Scott Jarkoff as an engineer and visionary to launch the early program. All three co-founders shared backgrounds in the application skinning community, but it was Matt Stephens whose major contribution to [=DeviantArt=] was the suggestion to take the concept further than skinning and more toward an "art community". Many of the individuals involved with the initial development and promotion of [=DeviantArt=] still hold positions with the project, from administrators to volunteers serving as gallery directors and Message Network Administration. Angelo Sotira currently serves as the CEO of [=DeviantArt=], Inc.

[=DeviantArt=] has a reputation for deleting artwork that they find to be risqué or outright pornographic, a great {{irony}} [[AccidentalInnuendo considering the site's name]] ([[GettingCrapPastTheRadar and the fact that a good-sized portion of the artwork that doesn't get deleted is still pretty risqué]]) and the [[ItsNotPornItsArt "Artistic Nude"]] category. Not too unrelatedly it also has a reputation for being populated by UsefulNotes/{{furr|yFandom}}ies, [[SmallNameBigEgo oversized egos]], and [[SturgeonsLaw bad fanart]]. There's even a game about making a search with at least two words or more and trying not to find {{Mary Sue}}s, Manga/{{Naruto}}, {{Anime}}, {{Comics}}, {{Manga}}, ''Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog'', ''Franchise/{{Transformers}}'' or ''Franchise/MyLittlePony''. All in good fun of course, and the fanart/"creepy"-art-to-"normal"-art ratio is not as high as some parts of the Internet may claim. It is also rather infamous for occasional bouts of paralyzing bugs. Trying again shortly never works.

[=DeviantArt=] also has a reputation for how many people think there should be a "Quality Control", however, because "Quality" is ''extremely'' subjective, a lot of peoples' "Quality Control" wouldn't be to remove poorly drawn work from the site, but to remove entire ''genres'' of art [[PublicMediumIgnorance that the people don't like from the site in general]]. It's also known for blocking criticism from some art, meaning you can be banned for criticizing the art. However, this was also put in place due to the amount of people who didn't seem to realize that constructive criticism has to be constructive and were flat-out insulting the artists personally or mocking the work. [[WhyFandomCantHaveNiceThings However, it extended to people who don't want to hear criticism at all; constructive or no]], but you do hear people who want critique on the site and specifically request it. As you could tell by [[Wiki/TVTropes us]] locking away the YMMV namespace for this site, it was ''that'' ugly.

Other communities that offer a similar focus include Website/{{Pixiv}}, which is essentially a Japanese counterpart of [=DeviantArt=] and tends to have less censorship regarding suggestive themes and is limited to just drawings and literature, so sorry, photography fans. Website/ConceptArtDotOrg is for people who actually make a living drawing all day and will eat you alive if you're not prepared to take criticism (the real kind). Elfwood is an older fantasy art gallery that [=DeviantArt=] may have been later inspired by, and had its own share of backdoors drama in its heyday. Cghub.com was a site purely for professional artists, but effective censorship of suggestive pictures was sacrificed in exchange for a massive amount of truly talented work (for those interested, [[http://archive.today/*.cghub.com archived snapshots of several artists' pages]] can be found online).

On December 4, 2014, the website has changed its identity with a new logo and the end of the stylization of their name as "[=deviantART=]" (which they used from 2004 until that date), which was followed by official apps for [=iOS=] and Android on December 10.

Check out the DeviantArtRecommendations page here or our [[http://tropers.deviantart.com/ Tropers]] group we have over there!

Unusually, this wiki had an It Just Bugs Me[[note]]now known as {{Headscratchers}}[[/note]] page for [=DeviantArt=] before this page existed.
* CantTakeCriticism: A sad commodity in the DA community is that of people who react rather violently to the slightest form of negative feedback, sometimes even when constructive. This has led to a rather bad reputation for the site as a whole.
* EverythingsBetterWithLlamas: One of the site's beliefs. Users can even give other users one free Llama Badge each. When the site held a party to celebrate their tenth anniversary, they brought in real llamas to the party.
* FanArt: [[http://www.deviantart.com/browse/all/fanart/ Yes, they do indeed allow this.]]
* FanFiction: Also allowed as an extension of the above, [[http://www.deviantart.com/browse/all/literature/fanfiction/ as a subcategory under "Literature".]]
* UsefulNotes/FurryFandom: They are a significant enough presence on the site to have [[http://www.deviantart.com/browse/all/anthro/ an entire category for anthropomorphic-themed art.]]
* SturgeonsLaw: As should be expected for a social art site. Search for a subject that's popular enough and you'll get some things good and many things bad.