''Trans Girl Diaries'', as the name would imply, is a webcomic about {{transgender}} girls. Sometimes it's gag strips, other times it's storyline comics.

The line from the About page pretty much describes the entirety of the comic as its author does pretty much whatever she feels up to. The subject is usually humorous, but sometimes the author delves into pretty depressing subjects.

Unfortunately, it seems that the comic's domain ownership has lapsed and it's no longer available at their address, but some fans have [[http://www.mediafire.com/download/7ywyk1tgo9mrc9x/transgirldiaries.tar saved an archive of previously published strips]].

!!This webcomic contains examples of:
* ArtEvolution: Starting from the archive and following through to the latest pages, you can visibly see a great difference for the better in the author's work.
* AttractiveBentGender: Sort of. Adrian and Naomi are noted for being very pretty girls, but their genders are female, they just weren't born in female bodies.
* AuthorAvatar: She makes random periodic appearances throughout the comic.
* ButtMonkey: Natalie. Just Natalie.
* CerebusSyndrome: It started getting dark in several pages. It was then averted as the comic went back to its gag roots... well, mostly averted at least.
* EasySexChange: Averted completely.
* EasterEgg: Several.
* FanSequel: ''Webcomic/VenusEnvy'': This is your life (Part 2), created sequel to Venus Envy that came out to much fanfare.
* GenkiGirl: Played straight with Naomi Circles
** Subverted when she detransitions
* {{Transgender}}: ...Read the title?
* SdrawkcabName: The legions of trans women who insist on vaginoplasty are called Anigav.
* TheVoiceless: Lindsey in every one of her appearances.