Webcomic / The Oswald Chronicles

We'll go to the one who's helped the mad one. The one who straddles two worlds, but is of neither.
Gwimbe, describing Oswald

It... actually is kind of like that.

The Oswald Chronicles is a Web Comic by J.D. Calderon.

The story centers around Oswald, scribe and gentlemouse that lives in 54th Street and Park Avenue. He enjoys tea, and playing games of chance for candies and cake. That is, when he is not facing Eldritch Abominations of one sort or another - or visiting them for tea. He is unique in that he is of both the fae and human worlds.

The first story, although not the beginning of Oswald's story, begins when a group of Fae steals the hammer of Kalvaitis, stopping him from forging the sun that day and leaving the fae world in perpetual darkness. A lone kitchen helper from Kalvaitis's castle manages to escape, and heads into the human world to find the only person that can help, Oswald.

The second storyline starts in a time before the first. Diane, Oswald's love interest, heads out on a mysterious errand and leaves her cousin Diadra to look after Oswald. Three Mysterious Waifs show up, being followed by a monster called Howard.

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