[[caption-width-right:350: The crew embarks on a scavenging mission...]]

[[http://leftoverscomic.com Leftovers]] is an ongoing {{webcomic}} about a food truck crew in New York City, sometime after the {{Zombie Apocalypse}}. It is written by Natalie Zutter and Josh Harrison, and illustrated by Alena Lane.

!!''Leftovers'' contains examples of:

* {{Zombie Apocalypse}}
* {{After the End}}
* The protagonists all qualify as {{Disaster Scavengers}}
* A level of {{The Apunkalypse}} -- seen in the appearance of the Madcaps
* Roger is a pretty good example of a {{Chef of Iron}}, and is largely kept around because {{Real Men Cook}}. He is also the {{Team Chef}}.
* Jiyang is the team's {{Big Guy}}, as well as the {{Badass Driver}}
* {{Not Using the Z Word}} -- The undead are referred to as "Zeds", so yes, technically ''a'' Z-word, but not ''the'' Z-word.
* {{The Apocalypse Brings Out the Best In People}}
* The team's truck constitutes a {{mobile kiosk}} which allows them to {{travel cool}} and have a rather mundane {{Base On Wheels}}
* {{Humans Are The Real Monsters}}
* {{Crapsack World}}
* {{Little Miss Snarker}} in the form of Tess.