[[caption-width-right:260:He really is dumb]]

''[[http://dummyduck.com/ Dummy Duck]]'' is a webcomic, started in late 2011 and updating regularly on Mondays. It follows the adventures of Dummy Duck, a duck who is [[TheDitz very dumb]], his friends [[HeroicComedicSociopath Lil' Red]] the tomato and [[CuteMute Foo-foo]] the dog.

The webcomic is new, bu were previously steadily appearing in what could be called small indy mini comic zines. Most of the comics are gag-based with a central theme connecting them together. They're also characters in a novel, which the story for the webcomic will be based on.

Although Dummy is really dumb, somehow he's [[NoFourthWall completely aware that he's a fictional character]]. Lil' Red started out as a bad guy, but he realized that he'd get more screen time [[HeelFaceTurn if he played nice]]. Foo-foo is the pet dog who has been called [[RidiculouslyCuteCritter the kind of cute that should be illegal]]. We can see his thoughts through [[ThoughtBubbleSpeech thought bubbles]], but he doesn't talk because [[WesternAnimation/PlutoThePup dogs don't talk]]. But Lil' Red can usually somehow understand him and [[RepeatingSoTheAudienceCanHear explain what he said to everyone else]].

Dummy's usual rival is [[AwesomenessByAnalysis the incredibly brilliant]] [[MadScientist Dr. Brain]], who Dummy usually defeats with his [[ConfusionFu profound ]] [[SpannerInTheWorks dumbness]].

!!Includes examples of:

* BigThinShortTrio: Foo-foo (big), Dummy (thin) and Lil' Red (short)
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: Dummy Duck
* ComicTrio: Lil' Red (navigator), Dummy (driver) and Foo-foo (only sane man)
* ConjoinedEyes: When fully open, their eyes connect, with tiny dots for pupils in the middle.
* IdiotBall: Dummy's dumbness often moves the plot forward.
* NoFourthWall: Dummy, Lil' Red and Foo-foo all know they're fictional comic characters, but the bad guys never seem to grasp the concept.
* RageAgainstTheAuthor: Dummy frequently complains about the comic he's in, and even gets in fights with the author sometimes.

* ThatCloudLooksLike: In [[http://www.dummyduck.com/?p=372 this]] strip.