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Bionicle Manga is a Fan Web Comic / Manga based off of the ever so popular BIONICLE franchise. Created by Troper/Deviant Artist pickle962, BM is a Shot-for-Shot Remake of the Bionicle storyline in manga style. The series can be viewed here.

This series contains examples of:

Lewa: Wait! What if we are ambushed by Rahi upon our return to this place?Tahu: Oh! I...I...I umm
  • The note on that page even lampshades this trope!
  • I Work Alone: Kopaka says this to Pohatu at first when the latter tries persuading the former to work together. he later uses this as an excuse to try and ditch the other Toa after thier first battle as a team near the end of chapter two.
  • Lethal Lava Land: Ta-Koro
  • Mask of Power: Same as the actual Bionicle storyline, The Toa Mata have these except you never see them on their faces...Perhaps they use their Kanohi powers mentally?
  • Man on Fire: Parodied in the first page of Chapter One when Tahu's hand catches on fire when he dons his mask. After picking up a sword, it got better.
  • Personality Powers: Tahu Mata controls fire, and has no problem using it when he's angry. An example of this is when most of the other Toa shoot down his idea to work in groups to find the Great Masks of Power. He storms off to Ta-Koro and starts randomly shooting fire out of his sword as a way to vent his frustration. he almosts burns poor Jaller too...
    • Kopaka controls ice and is quite the lone wolf..
      • When he's judging the other Toa at the start of Chapter Two, he notes that Lewa is quite entergetic while the latter is doing a handstand and grinning as well. Kopaka then comes to the conclusion that Lewa's limberness might be part of his personality
      • Of course, he is the the Toa of Air after all.
      • Gali is normally calm and collected as the Toa of Water
  • Poor Communication Kills: Played for laughs when Kopaka is buried under a pile of rocks after Pohatu tried to warn him to move out of the way. Also happens again in Chapter Two when Onua tries to catch Tahu and fails after the latter is picked up by a Nui-Rama and is dropped quite a distance...Of course,Tahu doesn't really get hurt despite falling from that high.
  • The Power of Friendship: The Toa Mata realize this during their first battle as a team in Chapter Two...
  • Ridiculously Human Robots: Everyone that's appeared thus far looks quite human. Heck, the Nui-Rama looks like a mutant insect. The Muaka looks like a lion, The Nui-Jaga looks like a scorpion, and the Tarakava look like bipedal lizards...
  • Shot-for-Shot Remake: As stated above, BM is based off the actual Bionicle storyline and so far, the adaptatation hasn't strayed too far from it's source material.
    • Pages 2-11 of Chapter One are a remake of the first Bionicle Comic from the 2001-2003 run...
      • Chapter Two retells the tales found in Bionicle Chronicles 1 and also pulls from the second and third bionicle comic of the 2001-2003 series...
      • Chapter Three's source material comes from Bionicle Chronicles 1
      • Chapter Four again used BC 1 for most of it's plot! It even added Takua the Chronicler and his [1] who previously only appeared in the Mata Nui Online Game, an interactive flash game which told the 2001 storyline from the aforementioned Matoran's perspective!
  • Shout-Out: Tahu, Lewa, and Pohatu's hair styles all look similar to that of a certain yellow boy...
  • The Smurfette Principle: Same as in the actual bionicle storyline, Gali's the only woman on the team.
  • Super-Deformed: Takua in Chapter Four when he get's bent out of shape after Onua asks who he is...
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Gali gives one of these to Tahu near the end of Chapter 3 after the latter carelessly shoots a fire ball at a tree containing a Kanohi mask that the group needs.
    • She gives another one in Chapter 4 to Kopaka of all people. Maybe kicking Tahu down a large hole wasn't worth it after all...
  • What Would X Do?: Tahu asks this early on in chapter two when he is ambushed by tiny scorpions that absorb fire. Thank god he though of Lewa...
  • X-Ray Vision: Kopaka's main mask power