''[[http://beyondrealitycomic.com/ Beyond Reality]]'' is (was) a fantasy webcomic written by Orion Gates. It follows the adventures of a man named Orion, who opens a portal into another world when he and his sister were [[DieOrFly about to get into a car accident]]. They landed in a typical fantasy world where they met the elf Ela. She is [[TheHomewardJourney helping them get home]] by traveling through other worlds along the way.

The art has undergone a lot of change, probably due at least in part to the crossover with Webcomic/EmergencyExit.

[[AC:There are only a few main characters you need to keep track of:]]
* Orion Gates (the character, not the author) is TheHero. He considers the whole journey an amazing adventure. He has recently discovered an ability to work magic ( although with a tendency to blow things up) and has an obsession with swords.
* Laura Gates is Orion's sister. She is annoyed that he is the only chance she has of getting back to a normal life. She is extremely protective of her car and owns a "Cthulhu tazer."
* Ela is an elf and not from the same world as Orion and Laura. She is currently training Orion in magic and although she has less raw power, she can cast far more controlled and complex spells.
!!This work provides example of:
* AuthorAvatar: Orion is Orion's, and the LoveInterest is based off the author's RealLife girlfriend
* BanOnMagic: One world the trio visits enforces this.
* {{BFS}}: Orion carries one around
* CompensatingForSomething: A female villain makes a comment about Orion's {{BFS}} during the crossover.
* TheHomewardJourney
* OrphanedSeries: For a long time there was no schedule. The comic came out of a long hiatus with updates of a few pages once a month, but following upheavals in Orion's life has since gone dormant again, to the point that its WWW domain-name has now lapsed. A version of the comic can still be seen at its original home, [[http://orion.comicgenesis.com/ ComicGenesis]]
* RuleOfFunny: The reason why most subtitles are in Old English.
* SapientShip: Sebastian