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Web Original: Property Of The Mafia
"Property of the Mafia" is a story on Wattpad, written by MintSprinkles, found here.

Recipe for 1 Linette Cyan:

1) Your dad is a notorious Mafia boss' right hand man.

2) Your family has a million dollar debt.

3) You become compensation through engagement to said Mafia boss' son.

4) You have (and are) a key to an ancient treasure vault being hunted down by opposing Mafia families.

5) Become a witness to murder, illegal drug operations, and treason. Repeat.

6) Engage repeatedly in gunfights and be kidnapped and held hostage on numerous occasions.

7) Learn that your best friend from high school is also a mobster.

8) Be able to fit inside a box containing illegal drugs.

9) Have a crazy madman want you dead.

10) Be able to run for your life in heels, and have a tazer with you 24/7. Seriously.

This work provides examples of:

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