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Xena and Gabrielle must have sneakily been at the ambrosia at some point...

They'd have to be immortal in order to be present at events in history that happened up to thousands of years apart. Despite the fact that Xena gets killed off in the end, so it must eventually wear off...

The episode Bitter Suite takes place entirely in The Black Lodge

Well, it explains the strange reality-warping nature of the place, the strange distortion of various characters, and the spontaneous musical numbers. However, this is an older version of the Black Lodge before it was owned by the Little Man from Another Place, which is why he doesn't appear.

Callisto's entire motivation is that Xena will fix Callisto's life again.

Xena ruined Callisto's life and Xena can fix it again! Well, at least that is what Callisto feels. So she torments Xena all the show until it works! at one of the final episodes, Xena really fix her and makes her an angel and send her to heaven!

The double standard of The Twilight of the Gods was intentional
As pointed out in the main page the One True God having Xena kill the Pagan Gods was kind of hypocritical. But the God of the Old Testament was petty, jealous, and angry. Just because Eli and The One True God are supposedly good, doesn't mean they are. Xena never intentionally sets out to kill the Gods they go after her.

Play's the Thing is a Lamp Shade and a Proph Ecy
  • 'the Play's the Thing' applied Mel Brooks' "The Producers": promote a good opera and the sponsors earn a share of the profits; promote a bad opera, sponsors invest, the show fails, take the money and run.
  • It is explicitly stated over and over that "Gabrielle's" story of Elijianity is boring, preachy and NOT entertaining at all.
  • Classical Gabrielle was good at barding. She only lost the barding contest to Homer who is the super dooperest bard evah.
  • Prophecy is Confirmed: seasons 5 & 6 were indeed boring, preachy and NOT entertaining.

Gabrielle's emotionless state was from Bleach fumes.
  • Gabrielle had zero emotions in season 5 and had some emotions in season 6.
  • Eli commanded Gabrielle to have a skinhead Nazi hair-cut and use industrial strength hair Bleach.
  • By season 6, Gabrielle hair regime was less severe and she was capable of emotions.
  • More bleach = less emotions; less bleach = more emotions.

Xena is secretly a demigoddess.
The Other Wiki at least hints that Ares may or may not be Xena's actual biological father and the man claimed to be her dad by implication adopted her, so there may be some canoncity to this (even if the implications of Ares' apparent infatuation for Xena might seem a bit creepy... not that that ever bothered the gods of Greek myth, of course).

But that aside, the fact she manages to leap through the air in ways which probably would outdo some Olympic high-jumpers and aim her chakram in almost reality-defying ways (you know how she makes it fly off 5 different walls, precisely hit numerous bad guys and still is able to catch it), seem to hint as pretty much superhuman powers.

Xena was a slayer.
Well, the show version of Bacchus was a vampire-like creature and Xena was his enemy even when she was evil. Also, like the above theory, this would explain Xena superhuman capabilities. Lao Ma probably recognized this which is why she decided to take a dangerous sociopath under her wing. Warrior princess is probably the ancient Chinese term for slayer