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The Italian Job (1969)
WMG's for a Cliff—hanger resolution!
Any resolution that involves Charlie’s great idea should go under the header below.

Prof. Peach managed to pull a girlfriend whilst in Turin. He chases after the gang knowing where the rendez—vous point is and knowing that they are heading for Geneva. When he comes across the coach he and his new girlfriend climb aboard and change the tipping point of the vehicle allowing for the bullion to be passed back.

“Hang on a minute lads – I’ve got a great idea…”
Er… Errr… Charlie decides to sacrifice the gold as he figures there's no way to escape the vehicle. which leads to the next WMG

The remake is an extremely Broad Strokes sequel
More or less the same events happen but with the newer cast of characters. Charlie abandons the gold as mentioned in the previous WMG. It's recovered by criminals sometime later. The opening of the movie takes place some time later where the gang has tracked down gold to Venice and take it back.