Awesome / The Italian Job (1969)

  • Mr. Bridger's "feast".
  • There's something awesome about the way Bridger runs the prison he's in, like when he walks into the governor's office, sits down at the head of the governor's conference table, royally waves him to come over and invites him to sit down at his own table and then gives him a bollocking for letting Croker break into his toilet.
  • The end of the scene in which Charlie and the gang meet Altabani and the mafia. After Altabani has all their cars wrecked, and then has his dozens of mooks point guns at them, Charlie calmly tells him, in no uncertain terms, that if he kills them, the Italian community in Britain will be obliterated by Mr. Bridger, the mob boss Altabani had slagged off a few minutes earlier. And the best part? Altabani believes this threat, and backs off. And if he hadn't, it's likely that Bridger could have made good on it.
  • The sheer audacity of the titular "job", including bringing Turin's traffic to an utter standstill and still making their way through the city in 3 Mini Coopers (and one van full of more of Charlie's boys disguised as English football supporters), outwitting the police AND the Italian Mafia all the way. One can imagine how the awesomeness of such a crazy theft would have been compounded had their coach and its load of gold not ended up hanging over an Alpine cliff.