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Jeanne Noelle is long dead

Liz' suspicions were at least part right, Poe will turn out to be the real enemy having removed Jeanne along with the numerous other bodies the story is being littered with.
  • Jossed; Jeanne has been shown in the same place as Ith/Erin, and present-day Poe is still working for her.

Liz, Erin/Ith and Kit will end up as the protagonists.

Liz has pretty much been set up for a Changed My Mind, Kid, Erin will most likely want to come after Liz, but since she was hired by Jeanne she'll probably be betrayed and end up in an Enemy Mine. Furthermore they have the right combination of personalities (Kit: Id, Erin: Ego and Liz: Super Ego, with Ith being and odd sort of Team Pet).

Kit and her advertising career

We have seen Kit appearing in three advertisements in the comic, at least one of which is canon with no reason to doubt the existence of the other two.

Of note is the degree of fanservice in the three. the first features almost none whatsoever, Kit being portrayed as a happy drunken gunslinger and a bit of a clown. the second is for a cosmetics company and includes the expected close-up of Kit's face as she applies a cosmetic product to her lips in order to defeat an ugly monster. Jump forward to the third advert and Kit is promoting a beer by riding in in a bikini top while firing full-auto. Jiggle is not represented in the comic but we can assume it's there.

Kit has expressed strong opinions on the way Devikin get sexualised in-universe, at least twice using gunfire to get her point across.

If the adverts are presented in chronological order, and the advertising companies did indeed try to manipulate Kit into progressively more sexual appearances, then it probably ended badly.

Kit caused the Zombie Apocalypse by killing Burke with The Dreadful
Ith said Kit gives off the same vibe as the monster in Burke's corpse, but much stronger. The biggest connection between Burke and Kit is that Kit killed him with The Dreadful. So it's reasonable to believe that's what caused the zombie outbreak.
  • This seems questionable (she's implied that she's used it before, but didn't know what the zombies where). It's possible that she sensed the after effects of the Dreadful and assumed it was related to whatever else happened to Burke though....
  • Jeanne believes this to be true.
    • And backs it up by saying that this has happened before, each time tied to her gang's presence and a beam of light. So it looks very likely.

The Dreadful is not a gun
Rather, the forbidding black swirly thing that just recently restored Kit to vertical in her fight with Jeanne sometimes takes the form of a gun, but doesn't have to.

Poe shot Kit
If Liz was telling the truth, then Kit was shot because Jeanne wanted her shot. However, Kit was shot with cheap fake silver, which is not only a mistake Jeanne is too competent to make, but is what allowed Kit to survive. It makes a lot of sense if she delegated to Poe. If Poe is as afraid of Jeanne as any sane person would be, then she'd have gone through with the shooting, but she would also likely know to use fake silver to make it look like Kit died while leaving a chance for survival. Kind of like the time Kit had to put down an unarmed captive to keep Jeanne from doing worse; if Poe hadn't gone through with it, Jeanne would have had to do it.

Also, the shooter was left handed, as seen on the first page. So is Poe.

El Sabueso is Liz's son, James.
the little flashbacks with the ninja grandmaster shows that she ends up losing the Shew Stone to a thief, and at one point James is mentioned. Now she's trying to get that Shew Stone back from El Sabueso.
  • Which would also explain his rivalry with Kit, if he sees his mother as favouring Kit above her own son.

Kit will become a Knight
Thus proving once and for all that sex and crime are not the only things a Devikin can be good for.

El Sabueso is an invertebrate
Some kind of jellyfish that can flop around in a vaguely humanoid form. No skeleton to speak of, just muscle and beard.