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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
Space Trawler

Rickshaw Boans was a double agent, actually working for Qwahntoo. Interplanet Amity was never meant to succeed.

When Qwahntoo built the GOB on the back of Eeb slave labor, he knew that there would be moral objectors who just might bring the whole system down. Following the principle "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer," Qwahntoo preemptively created an Eeb liberation movement with his minion, Rickshaw Boans, at its head. Thus, everyone with moral objections to Eeb enslavement would join the movement—unknowingly revealing everything about themselves to Qwahntoo. And Rickshaw Boans, of course, would sabotage the movement from within, to prevent them from making any real progress against the GOB.

Eventually, Rickshaw either grew tired of his double life, or became worried that he'd get discovered. He and Qwahntoo arranged his "disappearance" (from the first page of the comic) as a coverup so he could retire in luxury on some remote planet with a bunch of Eeb slaves. To prevent Interplanet Amity from becoming a genuine threat in the absence of a double agent, Rickshaw designated Nogg to take over as the leader—because Nogg was the worst possible leader of the bunch.

Interplanet Amity under Nogg's leadership did about as badly as Rickshaw predicted: Nogg got one entire crew killed, and his big plan for Eeb liberation involved debating the issue in the GOB (without even considering how this plan would leave Earth open to attack). Everything would have gone according to Qwahntoo and Rickshaw's plan—except that the six humans Nogg shanghaied ended up being completely unpredictable spanners in the works.

  • All Jossed. Rickshaw Boans came back with a fleet of ships to destroy the GOB and was killed by Bollyck Pirates that Dmitri tricked into fighting them.

Martina will "die" and become a spacetrawler.

Between the damage already received, whatever wounds are to come, and her persistent guilt-tripping, Martina will become the guidance system for a new type of sentient spacetrawler, and Nogg's visit to her father is at her insistence. She won't take him anywhere until her story is told.

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