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A crackpot theory to make Solatorobo fit with Frank Miller's Batman universe.

After the events of The Dark Knight Strikes Again, Batman (or Crazy Steve, if you prefer) does more crazy stuff around Gotham. However, he had the bright idea to do what would inadvertently mark the beginning of the war that would eventually have JUNO decide that the human race needed to be destroyed. What happened exactly is unknown, but it was assumed that he decided to kidnap someone on the researching team, and says they need to give him the crystals to get him back. They reluctantly agree, and Batman goes back to Gotham and secretly gives it all to the police (without them knowing). However, other countries get wind that something that is useful for a purpose was sent to America, and they declare war for it. It proves devastating, and as stated above, JUNO decides humanity should be wiped out.

Thanks, Crazy Steve! We'll all be dead because of you!

(Feel free to add to this if you wish. I know there are things I may have forgotten about).

Flo can be found at different areas because she just so happens to work on those shifts

Notice that each continent is assigned a time of day? Time passes when your ship travels and you end up appearing at those places at certain times because that's when Flo is available. Chocolat does this so that Red has an easier time getting jobs. As to exactly why Flo is working each of those places, it's because they're horribly understaffed.

This is a future for every franchise ever made in existence

Same guy as the one who posted the Frank Miller's Batman theory, I came upon a conclusion that not only is this in a future of Frank Miller's works, but as the title explains, this is a future of every single one.

This means that everything before this game and Tail Concerto are all actually Alternate Continuities that will have what little backstory provided from this game happen in some form eventually. However, for franchises and individual installments that involve Time Travel, this is time locked, so no machine can go here unless invented in Solatorobo's time frame

Sound stupid? Maybe.

The Iron Giant in the Prairie Kingdom is Most Definitely a Titano-Machina

Elh states that there are two Titano-Machina, (Lemures and Lares respectively) in Shepard, but seems to imply that there are MORE Titano-Machina out in the rest of the world, such as Prairie. Considering the insides of the Iron Giant, the legends surrounding its purpose and how it was responsible for destroying much of the previous civilization. Knowing what we know of that Civilization and its fate, as well as the purpose of the Titano Machina, its not so hard to imagine that quite possibly, not only was the Iron Giant the Mecha of Prairie but one of MANY other mechas, all over the other regions, including Nippon and Abyssinia.
  • Confirmed as of the novel, Kadenz.

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