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Most of the ranged weapons are Energy Weapons.
The only exception being the Revolver and maybe the Gauss. All other weapons use energy converted from kinetic movements. Most reloads involve either pumping a lever (Cannonade and Rail Gun) or otherwise elaborate means of reloading. Only the Revolver has been depicted as using any form of ammunition (And it's likely the damn thing packs shotgun shells) and the frankly silly spinning reload on the SMG makes more sense when you realise that the character is just charging a dynamo.
  • Makes.. rather a lot of sense, especially for the spinning SMGs. Until you realise it's all purely representative since the game by theme is taking place in a computerised world (not just "it's a game, don't question it", this is S4 League's 'story') - they're all 'data' weapons. SMGs and so forth may have funny reload animations, sure, but its a purely representative part of a deliberately stylised setting, and they still fire virtual bullets. 'Reloading' is, in the game's setting, just telling the S4 League server you want another clip of bullets.. though I don't argue it's not all still a bit strange. Still, allowing for a moment that your theory may be true, the HMG uses a clip and all - you can see the wielder slam it into the side during its reload animation.
    • Pumps the dynamo. Just a weird key, not an actual clip.
      • That's pushing it a bit. Especially since the 'key' is inserted, then left alone, with no effort to pump any sort of dynamo, and only touched again when it's removed after running out of ammo. That's far more like a clip than a key. Another point is kinetic energy is very limited, and could never drive a weapon like the HMG. It's pushing believability to get enough power out of a hand dynamo to power a single shot. Still, that said, as above, they're all just data weapons, so it's a bit of a moot point. However, that said, you might also say they're 'all' energy weapons, since with only 'energy' and 'material' to choose from as options, data is almost certainly on the energy side of things.
      • 'Looks like the new 'Smash Rifle' is an energy weapon of some description, too.
    • You're forgetting something. Even talking IC, S4 League is a virtual world. Look, it's something like the weapons switching. You don't carry all your weapons, they materialize on your hands whenever you feel like it. They're just data. Something similar must happen with ammo, wether its bullets, energy or the smash rifle's needles. The whole reloading motion must be just some kind of comand necesary for the weapons to reload, like shooting away from the screen to reload in the House of the Dead arcade machines.
  • Kind of confirmed in the Iron Eyes season update, which introduced the Assault Rifle and Turret, both of which were stated to use "live ammunition instead of energy rounds," complete with relatively long and complicated reloading animations and limited amounts of total ammo.