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YMMV: S4 League
  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome - (In the European version at least) Go to a crowded Free channel. Count how many matches are all-weapon matches and how many are sword matches. If the former-to-latter ratio is higher than about 1:9, it isn't a typical day.
    • Similar goes for the maps. While it's usually possible to find whatever map you're looking for, or make it yourself and get players coming in, a disproportionate number seem to have an aversion to competing anywhere other than Neden-1.
      • Neden-1? I'm positive that it's Station-2 now.
    • Look at the weapons people are using. Try to find anyone who doesn't use one of these 3 weapons: Submachine gun, Semi-Rifle, or a Plasma Sword. FYI, the submachine gun and plasma sword are the two weapons given to you at the start of the game, and the semi-rifle is just a long range version of the submachine gun.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome - Some of which has been transplanted from DJMAX and vice versa.
  • Fan Nickname - All of the weapons in the game are shortened to a few letters. Sub machineguns become SMGs, Semi-Rifles become Semis, Gauss rifles become Gauss, Smash rifle becomes SR or "Spam rifle" Railgun to rail, Plasma sword to PS, Storm Bat to bat, Counter Sword to CS, etc. More affectionate nicknames include Cannonade=Megabuster, Railgun=XBuster, and so on.
    • Detractor Nickname: Counter Sword to CS Spam, Anchor to Noob Anchor.
      • The Homing Rifle is also frequently called the Homo Rifle.
      • Gay Breaker, generally specifically referring to a Forcepack skin of the default giant hammer.
  • Good Bad Bugs - Because S4 League runs using a peer-to-peer-to-server system, players with slow connections can lag their characters tremendously. This has the side effect of making their characters invincible and allowing them to bypass obstacles with ease. Though some players use this tactic deliberately, others are just innocent victims of circumstances beyond their control. Also, expect anyone who is playing the game a little too well for others' tastes to have this accusation levelled at them, regardless of what their actual ping rating is.
    • To point out a couple of relevant facts, this bug occurs when a character is running at a ping of 500+, and indicated by a 'No Go' symbol over their heads. While this may originally have been intended to prevent laggy players being completely unable to play, it can indeed come right around and be abused, however 'laggers' still suffer horrendous game play problems, such as not being able to properly judge distance, and in Touch Down mode, inability to interact with the Fumbi. Any high latency that's still below 500 ping will generally take damage suddenly, all in one go after a delay, rather than becoming invincible, and suffer the aforementioned gameplay problems. Occasionally, for the <500 'lagger' this is like lady luck giving that split second needed for victory, but more often than not it's just normal, mind-bendingly annoying lag.
    • More directly related to gameplay, if someone positions themselves so that their character model is behind a piece of scenery but their crosshairs aren't, they can shoot at players without exposing themselves at all to return fire. Their shots appear to pass through whatever the model is behind, allowing most objects on the map to function as indestructible and impenetrable cover.
  • Scrub / “Stop Having Fun” Guys - Some players can get pretty nasty if other players decide to use certain weapon combinations, or even certain weapons, though thankfully this is not a big problem overall. And then there are the 'guns r 4 n00bz' weirdos that squawk at anyone using anything besides the melee gear ( 3 of about 20 weapons ).. playing with only melee gear may be fun, but they shout down anything else. Luckily, a Sword Only mode was recently introduced, significantly reducing squabbles.
    • The game's jumping physics are exploitable to the point of being arguably game breaking on certain maps. Point this out in even casual conversation and there is a very good chance that the “Stop Having Fun” Guys will brush you off as a noob with no skill.
    • Use the Counter Sword in a match just one time and see how many cries of "OMG CS SPAM" you get, Seriously, its fun.
      • It should be explained. The countersword is a weapon that can both stun and launch an opponent making it quite versatile for a melee weapon, spamming is when a player uses only the countersword and it does get annoying. However, the term has been reduced to if a person uses it AT ALL they will instantly be plagued by claims of spamming and therefore sent to the lowest ring of video game hell forever.
      • Flak on the CS has died down a little actually. The melee weapon that people seem to complain about the most these days is the Spy Dagger.
      • Which, given that it's extremely easy to get a One-Hit Kill with, probably deserves a little bit of complaint. The Twin Blades and Homing Rifle are also regarded as "n00by" - the Twin Blades for their unusual reach for a melee weapon and exploitable knockback, and the Homing Rifle (as well as its new counterpart, the randomly-critting Spark Rifle) because... well, it's Exactly What It Says on the Tin, thus causing many to see it as a weapon for people who can't actually aim.
      • The Twin Blades have actully been prooved to be the more overpowered melee weapon. It is almost impossible for anyone using a sword or a bat to attack the twin-noob without getting stunned and slashed to death. Then again, you can just roll and take out the Revolver, taking advantage of their reqired charging time to land a headshot. Twin-noobs will never know what hit them.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy - The Counter "CS Spam" Sword is a high-tier example.

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