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Revy and Meltdown were close friends.
  • Both use the expression "Fuckin' A". (Or, in Meltdown's case, "effin'".)
  • Both use a Beretta. (Or Berettas, in Revy's case.)
  • Both are efficient with Guns Akimbo.
  • They're also psychopaths.

Raider is an alternate universe version of Murderface.
  • They're both ugly.
  • They slur words and at times, make no sense.
  • They look similar and sound similar. (Except for the slurring part.)
  • They're also somewhat jerkassed. (For example: Murderface attempts to be sensitive and fails, whereas Raider is a decent merc but gets angry if he does not see combat or try some sort of task, like training militia - it's also implied Raider's more worried about Raven's insurance policy than Raven herself)
    • Ugly? I mean, being a fellow guy, I'm no real judge of male facial appearance, but he doesn't seem ugly. Average appearance, sure, but this is hardly "ugly." I don't recall him slurring his words, but admittedly it has been a while. Though I do recall that weird, deep yet squeaky voice.

Red is either a relative or alternate version of the Demoman

  • They're blonde snipers armed with a BFG.
  • Cheerful.
  • British.
  • Seras, decidedly not killing Nazi Zombies and Vampires, was tapped by the SAS after her sniping skills got honed. Changed her name to Sheila and got married.
  • Apparently like killing when they kill enough...

Tony, the gun runner from San Mona, also runs Bobby Ray's.
  • The internet is a wonderful thing, but someone is bound to "step out for a bit" to replenish and handle all those shipments.
  • Besides, where else is he going to market all those guns you collected from Dedrianna's soldiers?
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