[[WMG:Survivor is actually the one who is draining his brother's powers]]
* It fits with him having a dark secret and his obsession with proving himself as "The Survivor."
** Debunked as of issue #31.

[[WMG:Jailbait's departure was editorially mandated.]]
Take note about how she was replaced with a Jailbait who didn't have any attraction to Max Damage and has been seemingly replaced HERSELF by a very adult Alana Patel.
* This was debunked in the final issue of Incorruptible, as Max says to Jailbait that he's willing to take her back in a few weeks when she turns 18.

[[WMG:In the Irredeemable Universe, getting superpowers beyond a certain threshold necessarily drives you mad.]]
It's happening to Charybdis, and his power only had to double. Might be a quasi-mystical Universal law similar to that of "Evil Always Win" in the Crime Syndicate Earth in TheDCU.
* On the other hand, Max Damage is a reasonable kind of guy and is attempting to go straight. Although his power can fluctuate, it's mentioned he's generally on the same level of power as Charybdis and The Plutonian.
* This can, of course, be explained by WithGreatPowerComesGreatInsanity.
** I think this is a case of the power style. Max is, more or less, an ordinary guy is abso-fucking-lutely indestructible. Which reflects on his personality, which is resolute, determined, and unflinching. Compare to Charybdis and Survivor, who both go absolutely batshit. Why? Because they are gods in the shells of men. Max Damage needs to TRY to kill people. Those two KNOW for a fact that the world can burn at their fingertips. This pushes them towards the edge, knowing that they can get revenge on everyone who doesn't respect them (The Plutonian was rejected as a child, Charybdis has self image issues as a result of people considering him a joke).
** Also, Max is regularly BroughtDownToNormal because of the way his power works, so he can still relate to people who feel vulnerable.

[[WMG: ''Irredeemable'' is Creator/MarkWaid's apology for ''ComicBook/KingdomCome''.]]
* Why would Mark Waid apologize for ''ComicBook/KingdomCome''? It's a highly acclaimed, landmark comic.
** A more accurate statement might be that he's Writing Against Type and shaking off the image fans of him as someone who can't write anything not based or inspired by the Silver Age. And doing a damn good job of it.
*** Creator/GrantMorrison's essay added to the first issue pretty much confirms it.
*** Slight problem, though, ComicBook/KingdomCome was more a {{deconstruction}} of UsefulNotes/{{the Dark Age|of Comic Books}}, not really a {{reconstruction}} of UsefulNotes/{{the Silver Age|of Comic Books}}.
*** It was both.

[[WMG: Qubit is in love with the Plutonian.]]
Compare his devotion, even still, on ''saving'' Tony and not killing him. He halfway-sabotages Bette's attempt to murder him (albeit with good reason), and even after the Singapore disaster, when speaking to the Enchantess, his main concern was "Getting Tony back" rather than killing him. While it could be argued it's because he's the strongest proponant of ThouShaltNotKill in the team, the closeness he expresses for Tony seems to be more than he has for any human.

** Not quite. Turns out [[spoiler: there's another alien invasion coming in and they might need him to save them all.]]

[[WMG: Someone will time travel to give Plutonian his perfect family.]]
I base this on... absolutely nothing.
** [[spoiler: Actually, with the revelations of what his [[RealityWarper people]] [[TimeTravel are]], it's entirely possible.]]

[[WMG: Someone already did time travel to give Plutonian his perfect family...]]
...and created an alternate universe by doing so, where the Plutonian is instead known as Franchise/{{Superman}}.
* ... [[spoiler: Almost Jossed. Plutonian's "essence" was spread throughout different realities. It reached ours and led to the inspiration of Superman.]] Good job.

[[WMG: Qubit is a deconstruction of the [[Series/DoctorWho Doctor's]] moral character.]]
Think about it. Aside from a physical resemblance to David Tennant's Tenth Doctor, he possesses many of his characteristics, particularly his "Thou Shalt Not Kill" rule. He's the only character who doesn't want to kill the Plutonian, despite everything the guy has done since day one of his reign of terror. Qubit's search for a non-violent means of "saving" the Plutonian have only resulted in even more needless death and destruction. To be fair, this is also [[spoiler: Bette Noir's fault for keeping the one item that could have killed the Plutonian to her chest when they could have needed it. But when she finally got around to firing the damn thing, Qubit intercepted the bullet and manipulated it to kill Orian. Yeah, nice job.]]

Qubit's action, or rather inaction, has done more harm than good. Likewise, the one scene where he torments Encanta could be Mark Waid's way of criticizing the Doctor's hypocrisy. Killing is bad, but punishments or tortures [[FateWorseThanDeath worse than death]] are alright? This feels more and more like an attack on the Doctor's TechnicalPacifism.
* Characters in the comic also seem more willing to call Qubit out on being an InsufferableGenius.
* Orian was planning to invade earth with an army of super soldiers that could EACH take on Paragon. Qubit still has the bullet, as you guys may recall. He is prepared to kill Plutonian, but knows he doesn't have to. Actually, if Plutonian were dead, shit would be going way more south. Plutonian was both the only thing keeping an alien race from invading, and he seems to be the only defense against another possible invasion. Also, he has been the most crucial member of the team when it came to helping rebuild, and he's the ONLY person capable of counterscheming the various forces at play. Also, do you see any other members intimidating an alien race into stopping invasions? Nope. If anything, he's a reconstruction of Reed Richards. Many people forget that he has a lot of Chessmaster traits, with the capacity for Speed Chess. Summary: he firmly believes in "The Devil that You Know," and has ways of dealing with the existing threats. He's like Batman+The Doctor+ Reed Richards.

[[WMG: The Plutonian's Fate.]]

** a) Qubit finds a means to [[SealedEvilInACan imprison the Plutonian.]]
** b) [[EndofTheWorldasWeKnowIt Destroys the planet and moves on to the stars to wreck his vengeance across the universe.]]
** c) He dies at the hands of Charybdis/Survivor.
** d) Slain by Kaidan when she unleashes the vengeful souls of all his victims out of a can of holy spiritual whoopass. [[CrowningMomentofAwesome Holy crap, that would be fantastic!]]
** e) Modeus destroys him with a DeusExMachina.

Any thoughts?

** f) Max Daring beating him halfway past death, anyone?
** g) Gets bored and goes to Mars, the hangout spot for all insanely overpowered disillusioned superheroes.
** h) Experiences a HeelFaceTurn and somehow atones for all his atrocities. Probably involves Time Travel.

Another option-

** i) Is stripped of his powers and put on trial for his crimes, or before that even killed by the mobs of people he's been terrorizing. For added irony, his powers are taken away by one of his former enemies, who become worldwide heroes for their efforts.

Combining f, h and i-

** j) After finding a way to depower The Plutonian, it is determined only Max Daring's power could stand up to his might to get the injection (or whatnot) in. After an epic fight, Daring manages to get the shot into The Plutonian's stream. The loss of powers also has the side effect of curing the Plutonian's insanity, and he atones for all his crimes.
*** Huh. This one sounds pretty plausible.

Taking A to another level-

** k) The Plutonian is [[SealedEvilInACan sealed away, and the last issue will be of him being released]] to butt heads with super-heroes in the future (who look strangely like the ComicBook/{{Legion of Super-Heroes}}).

Going by the most recent revelations...

** L) The Plutonian will discover the true nature of his powers, that Modeus alluded to, and use them to completely undo all the attrocities he commited...Or [[DownerEnding use them to spread his rage across the multiverse]].

** M) Alternatively, it occurs to me that the mechanics of Plutonian's powers could serve as a massive KryptoniteFactor. Modeus can selectively alter people's memories, so if he could somehow make the Plutonian forget he had powers or perhaps think he'd been hallucinating or dreaming them, then his strength, flight etc. might simply stop working. The candle could presumably make him vulnerable to the virus that implants the memory-altering nanotech, so the ingredients are all there. I realise that the cooperation necessary to pull this off is unlikely, given the tone of the series, (in fact, Modeus becoming able to so directly manipulate Tony would surely just make things even worse) but...
*** Logically, Modeus must be able to read memories to be able to delete them as precisely as he can. So he could already know literally everything that Qubit knows - including the fact that he has the candle. In fact, Modeus [[BehindTheBlack could easily]] have nicked it already, during their trip to the prison planet.
* We now know the Plutonian is [[spoiler: a RealityWarper. We also know that super-powered beings and the like only started appearing ''after'' he did. Ergo... Consciously or unconsciously, he used his powers to turn the world into a big comic book where these kinds of things happen. Just like ComicBook/DoctorSolar.]]
* And the real answer, which is quite possibly crazier than any of the guesses: [[spoiler: Tony literally becomes Superman; that is, Superman as he exists in reality, the comic-book character.]]

[[WMG: The Auroran is...]]
* Plutonian's father/brother/uncle/cousin/doppleganger from another universe
* The only other being in the whole universe who is the same race as the Plutonian
* A timelord
* A psychic who is just dicking around with Tony for his own purposes.
** This actually combines quite well with second suggestion. See [[http://comicbookrealm.com/previews/2665/boom-studios-irredeemable-issue-25 this preview]].

[[WMG: There will be a comic...]]
...about a teenage boy who doesn't know that The Plutonian is now evil. How would he not know this? Well, many years ago, he was saved by him, and thus, the young boy wanted to be like him, or at least his sidekick. He went to a [[HiddenElfVillage a hidden Kung-Fu School]] that was cut off completely from the outside world. Many years later, the young boy was a teenager, and he had graduated the school. But by then, his hero had become evil. When he heard the news, he thought it was a ruse by some evil being because "He can never do wrong!" Thus begins his (tragic) journey to prove that The Plutonian isn't evil and to stop the one doing this ruse. Saying it won't go well is an Understatement.

[[WMG: The Survivor tried to kill his brother.]]
That's the dark secret. Re-read the scene where The Plutonian destroys Inferno's base. Both Scylla and Cary would have been able to put up shields to block it and Cary was flying toward Scylla at the time. It's possible Cary somehow sabotaged Scylla at the last minute and then protected himself. The pair had just been seen arguing about dating Kaidan just moments earlier. Perhaps Cary got sick of sharing the spotlight and his powers and thought it was unfair for his brother to come out ahead, so he seized an opportunity.
** That does make sense, given how much Charry resented Scylla in the most recent issue's flashback. Probably killed Scylla to get all the power and Kaidan, but wasn't prepared for the vast power increase or all the responsibility that would be thrust upon him.
** Kind off jossed. If anything he was flying towards his brother to save him...

[[WMG: The Plutoninan is a collective subconscious manifestation of all the heroes]]
Let's face it, Plutonian has all the best abilities a super hero has. And his fall from grace represents the symbolical fall of grace of other superheroes. We did see Hornet hiding some grim stuff in his closet, who knows what skeletons Metalman, Citadel or Volt might had.

[[WMG: The Plutonian has already broken through to our universe, and like Superboy Prime on the DC website, he reads this wiki.]]
''[[ParanoiaFuel So you better watch what you write about me.]]''
* [[spoiler: He did... well, his essence did. We're safe.]]

[[WMG: The Plutonian began slipping when Alana and her co-workers make him unable to be Dan Hartigan again and be full-time Plutonian]]
As it's said in ''WesternAnimation/SupermanTheAnimatedSeries'', Superman says that he'd go crazy if he had to be Superman all the time and that ''he's Clark Kent'' above all. Alana and her co-workers destroyed this for Tony (albeit it was his fault for telling it to Alana in the first place)

[[WMG: Max Damage could never REALLY take the Plutonian in a fight.]]
The comic establishes on multiple occasions that Max Damage was on the same levels as the Plutonian if he'd been awake for a long enough time. Close enough to make it a good fight at least. However, none of those fights destroyed an entire city, and the Plutonian has enough power in just his eye beams to do just that, or [[spoiler: sink Singapore, or carve his symbol into North America in trenches wider than the grand canyon. From space.]] The fact that the Plutonian turns out to be [[spoiler: a reality warper]] makes me think that just seeing Max Damage, due to [[spoiler: their childhood history together]] makes him subconsciously depower himself.